Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 2

Sawako and Kazehaya both help a puppy and wind up drenched from the rain, but classmates help her out with dry clothes to wear.  Also, seating changes are held and most of the class steer clear of Sawako, but Kazehaya and a few people decide to sit next to her by choice.

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Episode Summary:

On a dreary, rainy day, Sawako finds an abandoned puppy and decides to help it by covering it with her umbrella.  Unfortunately, that means she winds up being completely soaked when she gets to school, just adding to her Sadako image.  When trying to dry off with a handkerchief, Kazehaya walks in and is soaked as well.  Yona and Yoshida decide to lend her some dry clothes, which makes Sawako all misty-eyed again.  While she’s changing, Kazehaya tries to clarify the ‘rejection’ he gave Sawako before summer break, and winds up getting embarrassed by the compliments that Sawako had given.  Later in the day, Sawako gives everyone that helped her some coffee or juice as thanks, which leads to another Kazehaya dialogue where they find out that the reason they were both wet was because they had both stopped to help the puppy.  After school they both visit the dog and Kazehaya decides to take it home and Sawako asks if it’d be OK if she visited the dog sometime.  Teasing her, Kazehaya tells her that she can visit, but only if it’s to see him too.  At this point, Sawako is starting to realize that she may have more than just respectful feelings for him.

The next day is seating rearrangement day.  Sawako spent time the night before making homemade cookies for the people that helped her yesterday as another thank you.  During the new seating assignments, like always, people are avoiding Sawako and the seats around her.  Even though Kazehaya had a seat in somewhere else, he drags a desk over to Sawako and sits right beside her.  Following suit, both Yoshida and Yano sit nearby as well.  A fourth person, Ryuu, sits behind Sawako (to the ire of Yoshida), but seems not to really care either way and really just wanted to sit at the back near the window.  Sawako uses this opportunity to hand out the cookies she has made to everyone’s enjoyment (even Ryuu who leeched a few cookies).  Sawako is overjoyed to be in the seat she’s in.  After school, Kazehaya catches up to Sawako for one last chat, while other students notice them and comment about all the time they’ve been spending together.


Well, if you had doubts before that Kazehaya digs Sawako, you should be totally convinced by now.  He makes it a point to help her out when he can, he gets all red-faced when he remembers their conversations, and goes out of his way to see her after school …ladies n gents, he’s smitten.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it, and I’m actually glad that the directors are moving the feelings along early in the series.  I was also happy to see them moving Sawako’s feelings along as well.  I have high hopes that this won’t end with the beginning of their romantic relationship (cross fingers).  At this point things are still all puppies and rainbows.  There are misunderstandings about Sawako, but nothing has been malicious towards her.  I’ve only read up to this point in the manga, but I’d venture to say that someone, or something, is going to have to create some strife for Sawako to move her and Kazehaya’s relationship forward. I’m not sure exactly what it is going to be, but the writing is on the wall.

As for the animation itself, I was still very impressed with the quality.  We got a few less bubbly shots and a few less chibi shots, and were treated to some gorgeous background visuals.  A good romance series requires the right balance of characters and setting to put the viewer into the right frame of mind and so far they’re nailing it.  I hope that ProdIG can keep up this quality for the entire series.  Later peeps.

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  1. Hey, at least the puppy wasn’t a killer alien and needed to be subdued by a baseball bat… (from another Mamiko Noto anime series)

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