Be gentle with me…It's my first time.

After a long and arduous testing process, I am pleased to announce  my addition to the Josh’s Anime Blog Team. **fanfare**  Who the hell am I?  Well, strictly speaking, I’m no one particularly special.  By day I am a lowly Code Monkey, a rare species that turns coffee and junk food into corporate software.  By night (and sometimes during the day too, shhhh…) I turn into Polaryzed, an anime obsessed fool who’s old enough to know better.  This is my first foray into any real type of blogging so please be gentle on me for my first time, k?  My journey here is probably fairly common to most anime bloggers:

  1. Watch anime
  2. Watch a LOT of anime
  3. Read anime blogs
  4. Read a LOT of anime blogs
  5. Decide that you’d like to be abused by trolls the world over and post your own thoughts on anime

I’m actually late to the anime game and by no means an expert on the matter.  I started watching anime about 5 years ago when a co-worker got me to watch the first Full Metal Alchemist series during it’s original broadcast run.  After that I was hooked and watched as much anime as time allowed.  I’ve seen my fair share of series/movies/OVA’s in that time, but compared to other people (even ones half my age), I suppose I could still be considered fairly green.

Genre-wise I tend to gravitate towards series that entertain me, everything from shounen to shoujo and a lot in between.  I’m a sucker for a good love story, so I typically watch at least one or two shoujo series a season.  I also fancy drama series as long as they’re not too campy and melodramatic.  That doesn’t mean I’m an elitist though because I also like to watch fan-service comedies as a ‘stress reliever’ for the mindless humor .  Some of my favorite series include ‘classics’ like Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop.  But I also enjoyed Mushi-shi, Minami-ke (first season), 5cm per SecondFMA, Haruhi, Black Lagoon, the list goes on and on.  I’ll try almost any series for at least a few episodes since you never know what’s going to turn out to be good (I’m looking at you Bakemonogatari), and I try not to drop a series if it still shows promise after that.

Due to my penchant for the dramatic/romantic, I have been know to shed a few manly tears on rare occasions (the worst being Grave of the Fireflies and Pokemon ), but I try to keep that bottled up inside (that’s healthy right?).  Overall I try to keep things light and optimistic by interjecting some humor here and there and I’ll try not to gush too much about how great I think a series is.

Since I’m new to this anime blogging scene my plan for this season is to blog one or two series that pique my interest.  One show that I am definitely going to blog is Kimi ni Todoke, but I haven’t decided if I will do a second show.  Crap!  This post is already over 500 words and I think I’ve already babbled on for too long, so I’ll cut it off here.  Please look forward to my upcoming posts! “Amen, Hallelujah, Peanut Butter.



7 thoughts on “Be gentle with me…It's my first time.

  1. Greetings oh blogger noob from a fellow anime fan. From the sounds of it, you’re a grown up with an expanding interest in Jap toons, I dig. I think it’s interesting what kind of perspective older more mature fans come with, and what kind of life experience they might be able to share with young’ins through a common hobby.

    Anyway, don’t feel too much pressure to blog too much too soon. As long as you’re blogging for the right reasons, this should be fun.

  2. I’m happy to say that troll abuse is actually surprisingly minimal. That is, unless you’re a troll yourself. ;-)

    Welcome! Oh, and I’m also glad to see I’m not the only one that was moved by Pokemon. The first episode where Pikachu sacrifices himself always gets me.

  3. Hi Polaryzed, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only new anime bloger.
    My site is still under development, and to much alfa to be shown yet.

    Good luck, I’ll drop again later to see how it goes for you ;)

  4. You better not get lazy and eat Cheezits all day like I’ve been doing! =O Also, welcome to the blogosphere! =3

    I totally understand the Pokemon thing. I hate when Ash gave up his Charizard… in fact, he pretty much gave up all his coolest Pokemon, but CHARIZARD WAS THE LAST STRAW!!! :(

    Edit: Whoa! You guys have a “Request Deletion” button!… Interesting!

  5. Welcome! Oh, and I’m also glad to see I’m not the only one that was moved by Pokemon. The first episode where Pikachu sacrifices himself always gets me.

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