Web Stats for August/September 2009

Here it is again…the post no one but I and a few other people in the known universe care about…the web stats post! Get all the numeric goodness below the fold!  Two month edition, which means I haven’t been blogging, which means my numbers are really crappy! But here they are anyway!

August Stats

Percent change in ( ) is from July. Percent change in [ ] is from August 2008.

Visits: 17,138 (-20.6%) [+91.1%]
Page Views: 27,684 (-18.8%) [+58.0]
Absolute Unique Visitors: 13,949 (-20.5%) [+89.9]

That translates into:

Visits/day: 552.8 (-20.6%) [+91.1%]
Page Views/day: 893.0 (-18.8%) [+58.0]
AUV/day: 450.0 (-20.5%) [+89.9%]

Well, August, in theory, should have been a good month since I posted nearly every day of the month, but I had about a 1/5 drop in traffic from July to August nevertheless.  I’m not sure what caused the drop in traffic, but oh well, I guess one is prone to have bad months, even when one is posting a lot.  Or maybe July was just a big month for some reason, since these numbers are pretty similar to June’s numbers (though still a slight decrease from June in the per day numbers).

The rise over last year’s numbers have been pretty consistent over the past few months, though I thing August ’08 is about the time when I started falling off the map last year or so too.

5 busiest days in August (in visits)

  1. August 20 (665)
  2. August 13 (665)
  3. August 21 (625)
  4. August 9 (614)
  5. August 15 (556)

These numbers are about 200 visits per day lower than my top days in July, which makes sense, since my visits/day average for the month is about 140 lower than in July.

Top 5 visited posts in August (in pageviews)

  1. Top 10 Anime of 2008 (4,913)
  2. Winter 2009 Anime Preview (1,347)
  3. Spring 2009 Anime Preview (683)
  4. Bandai Entertainment licenses Eureka Seven movie (473)
  5. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 17 (450)

I’m still trying to figure out why the Winter preview still gets so many hits… In any case, the Top 10 anime of 2008 post is still #1.  Starting with #5 in this list, Phantom is basically romping everything, with the Cal “dies” episode leading the list.  Meanwhile, the Spring preview finally gets up into the list.

In August, I had visitors from 145 countries, with 22 giving me at least 100 visits and 72 giving me at least 10 visits.  Once again, I had a visitor from every US state, with California breaking 1,000 visits and 18 total states breaking 100 visits.

For browser usage, 53.2% of visitors use some flavor of Firefox, and nearly all (>95%) of those using some version of Firefox 3.  Internet Explorer users made up 30.6% of visitors, with IE8 users about to overtake IE7 users.  IE6 users made up 12.9% of IE users, and 3.9% of all users.  Chrome made up 6.7%, Safari made up 5.7%, while Opera made up 2.6%

September Stats

Percent change in ( ) is from August. Percent change in [ ] is from September 2008.

Visits: 9,834 (-42.6%) [+55.9]
Page Views: 15,224 (-45.0%) [+24.7]
Absolute Unique Visitors: 7,971 (-42.9%) [49.2%]

That translates into:

Visits/day: 327.8 (-40.7%) [+55.9]
Page Views/day: 507.5 (-43.2%) [+24.7]
AUV/day: 265.7 (-41.0%) [49.2%]

In a shock to no one, my stats plummeted in September, due to the one-two punch of my site being completely offline for about 3 days, plus the fact that I posted for a grand total of 7 days during the month.  As a result, I had my first month with under 10,000 total visits since November 2008, which was at the end of my election hiatus period last year.

I still beat last year, mainly because September was in the middle of my hiatus at the time, thanks to football (once again) and the start of school classes (which I don’t have this time).  Maybe I should just skip the fall season and just put up an annual “this blog is closed during football season” message on my blog?

5 busiest days in September (in visits)

  1. September 3 (577)
  2. September 4 (485)
  3. September 5 (509)
  4. September 25 (383)
  5. September 1 (413)

Not shockingly, 4 out of the top 5 days in the month were early in the month, pre-site shoutdown.

Top 5 visited posts in September (in pageviews)

  1. Top 10 Anime of 2008 (2,728)
  2. Winter 2009 Anime Preview (1,240)
  3. Spring 2009 Anime Preview (414)
  4. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 22 (373)
  5. Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 13 (256)

Other than the oddity of having a Nijuu Mensou episode review thrown into the top 5, this list basically sums up my month: The top 3 posts, which are old posts that are apparently still informative to people, made up 1/3 of all page views for the entire month.

I had visitors from 134 countries, with 12 countries giving me over 100 visits and 63 giving me at least 10 visits.  Somehow, I still had visits from every state in the US, with 11 states giving me over 100 visits.

In September, 52.2% of users used Firefox while 30.3% used Internet Explorer.  IE6 usage continued it’s decline, now down to only 11.7% of IE users.  IE8 also overtook IE7 for the first time in September.  Safari and Chrome both made up 6.6% of visitors while Opera made up 2.6% of visitors.