Kobato – Episode 01

It’s Kobato episode 1, and Kobato has to prove that she has enough common sense to live in the human world.

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Kobato Hanato, and her blue, foul tempered stuffed anime dog companion, Ioryogi, arrive in a town to start working on Kobato’s goal of having her wish of “going to a place she wants to go” granted. However, to accomplish this, she has to collect “broken hearts” in a flask. But before she can even get her hands on this, she has to prove to Ioryogi that she can behave like a normal human being and demonstrate human “common sense.”

Things don’t start off too well when Kobato, when told to act like someone “normal” would in a park, immediately grabs a newspaper and goes to sleep on a bench, earning her Ioryogi’s fiery wrath. Things start going further down hill from there, with Kobato deciding to offer a bag of trash to some crows instead of throwing it away, and blindly following some guys that were hitting on her around, which nearly results in her getting struck by one of the guys (thanks to Ioryogi) before she is saved by another passing boy.

We soon see the rescuer, Fujimoto, working at a food stand at a nearby festival. However, he soon gets a call and has to rush off.  Soon after, Kobato shows up and accidentally takes out the stand with a ball that she was trying to throw back to some kids, and offers to work for for the owner for the night in repayment. She does a decent job until she’s asked by a customer to help him add ingredients to his hotpot. The proceeds to add in a horrific list of ingredients, but it miraculously turns out OK.

After the festival, Kobato runs across an old woman trying to put a child in a carriage to sleep. The woman tells Kobato that the only way the child will stop crying is when his mother sings, but she works at night. Kobato decides to try her shot at singing, and is so good at it that she not only puts the baby to sleep but gathers an audience who coaxes her into singing some more.

At the end of the night, Ioryogi is about to fail Kobato when the old woman comes by and thanks Kobato for her singing. This persuades Ioryogi to barely pass Kobato, and he grants her a flask in which to store the broken hearts she gathers.

Well, I’d say this series is off to a pretty good start, and we set up quite a few things for the show to explore later. Perhaps the most obvious of all is: Where is Kobato from, exactly? It’s made clear that she and Ioryogi aren’t from “the human world” so where are they from? Also, where is it that Kobato is trying to go with her wish? I have a feeling that we’ll be exploring both of those questions as the series progresses.

Also, while Kobato may seem sort of a moe-blob at first, I think the potential for her character development is immediately apparent. Also, since Kobato will be dealing with “healing people’s broken hearts,” this doesn’t seem like it will necessarily be such a happy and care free series all the way, though this first episode I found to be rather hilarious. Ioryogi and Kobato make an odd team, but they’re also somehow suited as well.

With Kobato earning her flash, it seems the “real” story will get going next week.


5 thoughts on “Kobato – Episode 01

  1. Excellent episode.. Here comes the multiple universe aspect of Clamp.. I love it.. I wish TRC had some continuity with there producers and animation companies because the depth of the different realms that manga created byclamp was well done.. I hope this manga keeps up the good quality.. Should be a good one to watch..

  2. Kobato has CLAMPS’ signature all over it. I’m pretty sure that the question about where Kobato wants to go won’t be revealed so easily and when it is eventually revealed, it’d be something unexpectedly simple. I’m definitely going to follow this series.

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