Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 26 [END]

It’s the final episode of Phantom, and Ellen and Reiji have to face down one final test: Scythe Master and his Zahlenschwestern.

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Four of the six Zahlenschwestern start attacking Reiji and Ellen. Reiji and Ellen soon lure them into an old school building, where Ellen tricks two of them into shooting at a statue, where Reiji takes the opportunity to take out one of them and Ellen the other, leaving four Zahlenschwestern left. Reiji decides that he’ll go after the last two Zahlenschwestern going after them, and tells Ellen to find Scythe Master, since she’s the only person who really knows how he thinks.

Reiji starts his 2-on-1 battle while Ellen finds Scythe Master. However, she tells him that she won’t act on his stage, and drops her gun, knowing that Scythe Master won’t kill her yet since that would be too ordinary and boring. Ellen then engages in a knife fight with the two Zahlenschwestern protecting Scythe Master. However, she mostly runs, which Scythe finds boring, so Ellen throws her knife at Scythe Master. One of the Zahlenschwestern tosses her knife to deflect Ellen’s, and Ellen uses this opportunity to knock her out (and likely killing her). The second Zahlenschwestern throws her knife at Ellen, who catches it, and throws it back, hitting the second Zahlenschwestern in the head, killing her.

Meanwhile, the two remaining girls attack Reiji with a piece of heavy equipment, driving him into the church, where Reiji shoots a chandelier, causing it to fall on one of the girls, leaving only one of the Zahlenschwestern. She’s about to hunt Reiji down when Cal’s watch suddenly starts to play, This distracts the girl long enough for Reiji to shoot her.

Back to where Ellen is, she is about to shoot Scythe Master, but he “surrenders” by throwing away his gun, thus causing him to no longer be an immediate threat to her, which, due to her training, causes her to hesitate in shooting him. Scythe explains that she can only kill when following orders, otherwise she’ll be thrown into despair, and thus can’t kill him. However, Ellen tells him that she no longer needs him, and will live like Reiji wishes for her too, and with that, shoots Scythe Master. Afterward, Ellen cries in Reiji’s arms.

Reiji then goes on a search to find out who Ellen is, and his first step is to research Scythe Master’s past – who ends up being a man named Helmut von Giuseppe, who had a Ph.D in Psychology and Physiology. He learns that Ellen first met Scythe in Hong Kong 5 years prior. He tracks Ellen’s past down to an orphanage there, as a girl from Ulan Bator in Mongolia. The pair travel to Mongolia, but run into a dead end. However, while there, Ellen recognizes the scenery and knows that they’ve found where she’s from.

However, as Ellen looks out towards the sky, a cart passes, we hear a muffed gun shot, and Reiji falls to the ground. Ellen then smiles back, apparently not noticing anything is wrong. At the very end, Ellen is laying in the grass motionless, and the camera pans to a nearby empty bullet casing.

RAAGGGGEEEEE!!!! OK, maybe not so much rage, but maybe some trolling here at the end of the episode, and since the ending was so surprising, I’ll start with that first.

First off, I think there are several questions that arne’t really answered. Some of them have probable answers, but I don’t think any of them are guaranteed.

Question 1: Is Reiji Really Dead?

Given this series, it tends to have a “we don’t know if they’re dead until we see ‘me dead” history. However, the way Reiji fell and the fact that it’s the end of the series suggests that, yeah, Reiji is dead. Again, not guaranteed, but I think it’s a somewhat safe assumption. Having assumed that, then we go to:

Question 2: Who Killed Reiji?

We had Scythe Master telling Ellen that people would continue chasing them, as well as McGuire, who somehow survives this series, gives the impression that Inferno still intends to hunt the pair down.

This leads to the most likely answer: the guy on the passing cart was actually an Inferno assassin, who took out Reiji. However, that brings up the question of why didn’t he take out Ellen as well? Clearly we only hear one shot. Also, why didn’t Ellen react to Reiji crumpling to the ground? (that we see anyway)

That brings up a second possibility: Did Ellen, having now found her dream and where she’s from, kill Reiji because, well, she didn’t need him anymore, or thought that their journey was somehow complete? After all, we don’t actually see who shot Reiji or where he was shot. The fact that she wasn’t facing Reiji, considering Ellen’s skill as an assassin, doesn’t really seem to be much of a barrier for pulling such a thing off.

Question 3: Is Ellen Dead?

At the very end, Ellen is laying on the ground motionless. This could be just her enjoying the view, but could it be that she’s dead now too?

At the very end, we see a glimpse of a bullet casing on the ground. I think the first assumption is that it is the casing from the bullet that killed Reiji. But what if it’s from a bullet that killed Ellen? If it is, then that takes us to the question…

Question 4: If Ellen is Dead, who Killed Her?

If Ellen is dead – something which is by no means certain – I have three theories as to how this happened:

1) The shot fired by the man on the cart killed both of them, probably by going straight through Reiji and hitting Ellen as well. Since the harm to Reiji was probably more severe, he fell first, but Ellen, knowing they had both been shot, just smiles back before falling to the ground herself.

2) Ellen, having found her happiness of where she belonged, committed a murder/suicide with Reiji, shooting Reiji, and then killing herself.

3) Having looked back smiling at Reiji, she sees that he’s dead, and so she shoots herself.

I personally seem to think that Ellen is dead. Just the fact that she’s motionless on the ground, and it doesn’t make sense to kill off Reiji and not Ellen. I’m not sure who killed Reiji, but I’m almost of the mind that it is the murder/suicide route. Ellen finally found who she was, wanted to “stay with Reiji forever” there, and, with this being Ellen, in her mind the best way to do that was to die together with Reiji there. But that’s just my own personal theory.

Also, poor Mio, hoping that Reiji will come back, but alas, it appears he never will now (maybe Ellen offed Reiji too so that he couldn’t go running back to Mio too?)

Now that I’ve talked about the ending, let’s get to the rest of the episode.

The fight scenes were pretty spectacular, but man, the Zahlenschwestern seemed to be taken out pretty easily. I know that Ellen and Reiji are great assassins, and the Zahlenschwestern were more skilled than average, but they just didn’t seem as sharp as Ellen or Reiji.

I think the main explanation for that might be that Ellen and Reiji were basically self-thinkers while the Zahlenschwestern, like how Ellen was originally, are mindless “just follow the orders” type assassins, and thus can’t think creatively. This disadvantage ultimately doomed them.

I figured that Ellen would be the one who killed Scythe Master, and I was right, and Scythe Master’s supreme belief that he could predict how anyone and everyone could act ended up being his undoing.

The one thing I was surprised about was McGuire and Inferno surviving. I thought that Reiji and Ellen would go and take them out, just because they wouldn’t be truly safe until they did that. However, both survived and, perhaps, lead to one or both of their deaths in the end.

In the end, I thought this was a spectacular final episode and was executed pretty well. I’m also glad that we finally found out where Ellen was from, and perhaps we know why she kept around brochures for Mongolia around all the time too – because she subconsciously recognized the scenery.

In the end, I think this is an overall great episode to cap off an overall great series.


41 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 26 [END]

  1. Ok, I know that Reiji actually dies at the end, but you know what? I’m going to ignore that. As far as I’m concerned, Ellen and Reiji lived at the end of the series, and went on to have at least a few years of happiness. I’m sure at some point Inferno go to them when their guard was down, but I refuse to believe it was at the end of the series.

    I shall not let their epic trolling ruin that series for me. I loved it too much. So, for me, they both lived at the end! :)

    • Lets just say that Zwei (i like saying zwei more than reiji. same for ellen) didnt die from that (shot) im assuming that most of you are going with either the guy on the cart or Ein murder/suicide. lets say that the shot only grazed him like many other shots have done in previous episodes and as for Ein she didnt hear the shot because she was too occupied with the sky and shiet. and i dont think that 1 flower petal could have killed her… its not even stated (as to my knowing) if the flower was even poisonous or not. So they both can live… if thats how you want to ignore/get around the epic trolling in the last episode i personally didn’t understand shiet at the end of this episode there wasn’t any point of adding that kind of ending to keep us guessing… kinda made alot of us mad o-o

  2. I just watched the last episode, and I have to tell you, it ruined it for me, I mean whats the meaning of them fighting so hard, escaping, fighting for their lives, only to be killed in some far away place, by someone who isnt even identified, and by the way if it was Inferno, how did they find them so quickly?
    With the ending leaving everything in doubt, it ruins the entirety, the anime was great, beautiful to watch, and I could follow the plot, pretty much, to me, its like and open wound, this anime will keep me bleeding, until I find some closure on Reiji and Elen, geeez I really need to get a life, lol but thanks for your theories, it helps me to understand I am not the only one who didnt “get it” the ending that is

    • It is the journey that counts. They made a mark on the people around them, whether it good or bad. I just thought of how he was always talking about making amends for his killings so I suppose he got his wish in the end.

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  4. AHHHH!!!! I’m so pissed off at this ending. It was preposterous!! I’m furious!!! Enraged!!!
    (Ok i’ll stop talking like a mad british man.)But was I supposed to watch this and be like omg like reiji died like its so beautiful?!?! This is the worst ending in any anime I’ve ever seen… I think I’ll go watch cinderella now.

  5. this anime was great, dont get me wrong…but,

    what the hell?!
    this is the worst fucking ending ever! shit why cant they just live happily ever after? shit!!!!
    especially elen, who lived her life through the most lonely way possible not to mention with that psycho bitch who turned her into an assasin.
    god i wish i never watched the last part.
    if any of you are going to watch this stop at the part where elen gets off the bus and looks up into the sky cuz thats the best ending you’ll ever get. go any further and it’ll just have you wonder why the hell would inferno still be afraid of them and still go after them even when they pose no more threat to anyone. pointless ending.. Mcguire that coward.. thats the only reason y he’s still alive.. hes a damn coward

  6. Yeah the ending blow my sausage so fucking hard the rest of it was great some sad parts but other wise then that it was a great overall anime from what i have seen so far besides hellsing but yeah the Ending blows so much it ruins it for the anime just my opinion.

  7. You don’t understand at all,, in the ending you also see one of the flowers missing a petal. It was a poisonous flower and Ellen ate is (this was also confirmed by the director). This leaves open all assumptions, but I think Ellen shot Reiji and then commited suicide. And I think it was the most beautiful ending possible.

  8. There is just one question at the end … just one …… WHY??? …… The series goes on Splendidly…. everything is great………. maybe the ‘Final Battle’ is a bit rushed. It makes the entire team of
    “!!!6 ASSASSINS!!!” look like pigeon fodder in front of elen and reiji and not to mention the scythe master who looks like a fool for getting so excited about them. (But thats just my opinion) ………. however WHY??? did they have to make all that fuss in the end… i mean seriously what was that about… I fail to understand why would they even go through the trouble to animate that stupid last section … jeez

    • It’s like Ein said as she talked with Scythe at the end.. She said that all the copies he built off her were from back when he first created her. Therefore, it was revealed that they were to be inferior not only to Ein, but also Zwei.

      i think.


  9. Ein (Elen) was the one who killed Zwei (Reiji Azuma). Then she poisoned herself with the flower. I think this was perfect ending, since they both died happily, like was intented. This was intented because of Eins statement about soon meeting with Scythe in heaven.

    The proof is the bulletcase. Bulletcase is the part of the bullet that drops from the bullet when shot. If Zwei would have been shot by an assassin, the bulletcase would have been lying on the road and not on the flowers, where Ein was standing.

    Fucking splendid ending!

  10. Wow!!! the whole anime got me tearing like crazy at the end. For almost three days my heart felt so empty like i knew how Ellen felt. I think she killed Reiji and then killed herself. The leaf was missing from the plant and it was poisonous which is how it explains why there was only one bullet on the floor because she eat the poisonous leaf and then shot Reiji. But the ending was just soo sad for me to bear even though its cartoon i take it as if it’s reality. will never forget this anime i have not cried at an anime since Rurouni Kenshin episode 74. wow A+++ 5/5 Starts thumbs up

  11. ☼i think the last picture’s or so what called is the view which reiji seeing while lying on the ground….
    •Looking on the mountain with the bullet shell or looking at the bullet shell that’s why the mountain is blurred•
    ☼you know when he’s been shoot he fell right through with his right arm? well that concludes that he did not die on my sight..
    ☼well elen wont be worried because she know how hard or what so called reiji. (yeah knowing that someone fired at reiji)
    •Looking @ The Sky from her dreams and reiji finally see’s elen smile’s :D

  12. If it was the guy in the cart… based on the caliber of the shell at the end of the scene. 9mm the range that he had with Reiji, could have easily penetrated his back, passed his heart (Killing him) and then hitting Elen either in the spine or head (also killing her). But that is with the thought that yes it was a 9mm bullet and he was hit within 2 feet’s distance.

  13. who cares, it’s over move on to next anime. And friggin learn to expect the unexpected.

    Awesome anime, i won’t let the last 3 minutes no matter the ending spoil the whole episodes i’ve enjoyed quite a lot. It’s dumb :))

  14. Ok, just finished the series and I have decided it was a murder/suicide. Elen shot Reiji and then killed herself with a plant called a Delphinium. A delphinium is a highly poisonous plant with five petals, found in the plains of Mongolia, and can be purple and white (colors of the flowers in the ending). Although I think it is strange that Elen did not use a revolver (her weapon of choice) which would leave no shell casing on the ground, it is a nice ending to the series.

  15. For all who say that Ellen killed reigi “you are wrong ” he was killed by inferno and Ellen didnt hear the shot but she smiled like what reigi wanted her …. That the end of the story if we agree or not ….

    Ohhhhhh man … I will kill the writer
    Why shouldn’t they live happy with all the problems they had ? Why ?

  16. My computer crashed 5 times at the begining of the episode, which makese me think that it was trying to keep me from watching such a tragic end.

  17. Ok actually it appears nobody but Rinsei payed attention during the show. If you will remember there were multiple times it was stated that if Ein regained her memories she would be crushed by the guilt. That is what happened, Reiji was wrong about her being happy now that she knew where she was from etc. There was one bullet shell on the ground near her because it was her that killed him. She couldn’t go on living with the guilt and did the murder suicide, by eating the poisonous flower. The ending doesn’t annoy me as much as it did when i first watched it. I was angry too when they both died but i get the point now. Still sucks but it makes sense. The only stupid part in the whole show was the duel between Reiji and Mio. Mio being angry and wanting to kill him made zero sense. Anyone with intelligence above a 5 year old would not assume the other person was killed in the bombing. Was there a body? NO! So duh, still alive. That whole premise just annoyed the shit out of me. Other than that a great show though.

    • reiji didn’t stay to look if there was a body, and he was there ebfore cal started screaming his name, he was there before the fire department got there. plus, her entire monolague said that she could live on with zwei using just this scenery as her memory, and it only said that zwei couldn’t live with the guilt, ein was never mentioned with that, plus, she didn’t get her memories back, she said she could live with zwei knowing she had a home, which to her meant she was real or something. murder suicide theory is gay. plus, in the visual novel, which this anime follows to a T, they dont die, like in my 2 paragraphs below, there is no cart guy in it, they live happily ever after in mongolia, the end.

  18. ok but i noticed she said ” These memories…these memories are enough for me to CONTINUE LIVING”, plus the direction she supposedly shot from had a sunset, not mountains, which can be seen clearly as the dude in the buggy thing goes past, because i cant see someone turning and smiling at a person that they killed, so i say the dude on the buggy shot Reiji better known as Zwei, killing him. she turned not knowing this and smiled, she later figured/or found out and used the plant to kill herself because the reason for her living had just been killed.

    • dude, you’re my hero. you are the only other sane person i’ve read that talked about the ending, except the part where she kills herself. i believe she does it, but not then. also, the visual novel is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. no stupid endings like the anime.

  19. The ending was terrible it left too many questions unanswered , it made people expect too much then destroys all the expectations, and it basicly made the enitire storyline pointless. they did not need to kill the main characters off. they fought for survival and it ends like that. that would irritate anyone. i meen the whole thing makes it seems like there would be more than that. and it realy doesn’t end the story well. the fact that inferno was not taken dow sprang up a lot of unanswered questions. it left the vewier yearning to know more, but can never have the pleasure of that.

  20. Justt saying.. at least the version I watched(on netflix) her name was “Eren” You know, the girl version of Aaron. Lol.

  21. I just finished watching the whole series and honest i was shocked!!!!! WTF!! I was assure that a happy ending would happen until the very very end where I saw Reiji collapsed. At that moment i was like WTF just happened ? Something wrong with my eyes ? No my eyes were normal but not the freaking ending. Why the heck would they do that? Killing Reiji ?And when Reiji collapsed, we saw Erin standing there with a smile on her face ? Then she lies on the ground with lifeless eyes? So many unanswered questions but one thing that i’m 100% sure. Reiji’s dead and so does Erin.

    Basically, at the end, all the Phantoms are dead and the end!!

  22. OK, i was pissed off with the ending because, it was gay so i bought the visual novel. my thoughts on it are:
    zwei gets shot, and ein smiles at him before he falls and its the last thing he sees, everything fades to white, indicating he is dead. my reason for thinking this is because it took him like 3 hours to fall down, and do you really think that after saying she wants to live with him forever, twice, once at the end of ep 15 or whatever when they escape to mexico, would smile seeing zwei on the ground? i also dont believe ein died, because the average person would not think that purple flower was poisonous, i actually watched an arguement over that in a different forum, and even if they did, that one petal would kill her. i believe she was lieing on the ground lifeless, because she had just seen the love of her life get killed. if i were her, i wouldn’t be admiring the clouds.

    in the Visual Novel ending, the ein ending they get married in the church where he shoots cal, before he shoots her. everything basically happens like the anime, only zwei isn’t shot from behind, it ends with her long ass monolauge about her living now with reiji, another reason i dont support murder suicide theory, and zwei’s little monolauge saying he wont break the promise to make her smile. end, done, no cart guy. i for one like the visual novels ending way better, because its an ending, not a gay cliffhanger, FML ending. ok, i’m done with my short essay about it.

    side not, i want to make enough money to buy a 27th ep where zwei wakes up at a hospital with ein by his side, and they go and gang bang the bejeezus out of inferno.

  23. my theory with facts to support it is that when zwei and ein were talking to the fortune teller,in the background you can see the assassin loading his weapon and getting into his cariage my theory why this is an assassin is because mcguire says he will go after zwei and ein and when zwei collapses in mongolia you can see the same assassin in the cariage seen in the previous scene when zwei and ein were talking to the fortune teller pass by zwei and you hear a shot thus making zwei collapse on the ground. Ein on the other hand overwhelmed about her happiness and accomplishment to finding peace and her homeland is happy and peacefully looks at the sun and the clouds. as to why she dint react to zwei collapsing to the assasin is beyond me…. my opinion is that she is happy like i stated earlier and is overwhelmed by this feeling that she doesnt really think about them dying rather then just drifting away to a better life with god and zwei being with cal again.

  24. From what I can gather, Reiji killed himself (or at least arranged to be murdered by cart-guy). If you look at the moments leading up to the gunshot sound Reiji walked away from Ein and was talking in past-tense about how he “lived”. It would also explain why he didn’t appear to be shocked after having been shot.

    As for Ein.. it’s hard to say, so I think it could be one of the three things:

    1) When she turned around and saw Reiji she smiled to show she was finally happy and then laid in the grass as a sign of starting her new life

    2) She knew Reiji planned to die, and was happy for him getting the peace that he wanted (hence her smile).

    3) She turns around and sees Reiji dead, and kills herself.

    Either way, it makes sense that they had both discussed Reiji’s death while it was still sunny, and were just waiting out the clock in the final scenes where the sun was setting, since their words seemed to pretty accurately reflect what they had been aiming for the whole series. Given the title’s inclusion of the word ‘requiem’ it seems fitting they would plan a meaningful ending for a show that centers around two people who dislike what they’ve become.

  25. Well I think because this was most likely the climax of his life (defeating scythe master and all) he mentally bookmarked that point in time. If you think that way, it’s not that weird that he was talking in past tense, as it was everything leading UP to that. I think the fact that nearly all the main enfluential characters ended up dead at the end suited the anime really well. Also, I don’t think that Elen was sad, had regained her memorys, or any of that. what happend was Elen, knowing where she was from, realized that they’re future (assuming they didn’t want to kill anymore) would be nothing but running away from Inferno. Therefore, she took pity on reiji (in her own psychotic assassin way) and killed him, than committed suicide by eating the poisonos flower. This is however up for speculation, as the makers clearly wanted it to be. Proven by the ox-cart driver going by at that exact moment, I don’t think there’s any real clear end, just that both reiji and Elen died together and happy.

  26. i agree that Reiji arranged for himself to be killed, he walked away closer to the road as the cart was approaching and he definately is talking/thinking in a final type of way. He says he knows Elen will be happy now, if he was planning on being alive still then he probably would have included himself in the happy future statement. The scene where Elen smiles as she turns around freezes immediately as she turns and smiles. I take it that once she turned around smiling, she then saw Reiji and once she found him dead she ate the poisonous flower, to die as well. Also Reiji didn’t flinch at all when he was shot so that seems more like he was aware that it was going to happen.
    I wish it would have happened like the visual novel with them ending up together and happy though. Oh well, great anime with a questionable choice as an ending!

  27. First, I’m not sure why everyone keeps calling the character Eren, Ellen. Ellen is not her name. Second, she is dead! The final scene with her lying in the grass, shows her bleeding from her side. She was shot and was dying or died. Take a minute to look at the final scene.

  28. There was no sniper. Reiji killed himself. A 9mm casing from a silenced pistol, this was his weapon of choice. His promise to Erin was to see her smile and that happened that day. His journey was over. There was no need for him to live and keep on killing. Note that you never see his right hand.

    Erin saw what Reiji did and was happy. She joined him by eating the poison flower. She too had no reason to keep on killing. I might venture to say that they planned this suicide pact.

    In the end, they took their lives as form of atonement for all the ugly acts that they commited and to finally bring their souls at peace. They died together happy, content, and by their own free will.

    This was the best ending of an anime ever. Heck, it’s the best ending of any story ever for me and I’m and old guy.

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