Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 11 [END]

It’s the final episode of Sweet Blue Flowers, and will Fumi finally discover the answer to Yasuko’s question about who her first love was?

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It’s time for the next semester of school to start again, and, after being late due to sleeping in, Akira talks about how quickly the summer seemed to pass by with Fumi on the train. At school, due to her membership in the Literacy Club, Fumi is roped into helping the library dispose of the old books in the library. However, spending so much time in the library is making Fumi remember her time with Yasuko. Kyoko, meanwhile, has started practicing drawing again with Kazusa, where she finds out that Yasuko is leaving to study abroad.

The next day after school, Fumi sees Yasuko on the train platform, but doesn’t say anything, and seems sad that Yasuko gets on the train to go home without saying anything to her. Afterwards, Fumi tells Akira that she thought she was over Yasuko, and says she’s not sure she understands herself, and Akira decides that the best medicine for Fumi’s down mood is to chow down on sweets.

Soon it’s almost Christmas, and Akira decides that everyone should get together for a Christmas Eve party, however, Kyoko is apparently unable to come. However Ko soon calls Akira up and asks her for the favor of asking her for help in picking out a gift for Kyoko, since she’s tired of all the normal ones Ko gives her. But while Akira and Ko are out looking at gifts, Fumi sees them and feels uncomfortable.

Back at her house, Fumi concludes that she doesn’t think Akira and Ko are dating, since she believes Akira would tell her if they were, but thinks that she wouldn’t mind if they did start dating, but she wonders to herself why she hid from them. That night, the girls throw their party and look at old pictures of Fumi and Akira, where the drama trio is shocked to find out that Fumi was the small one when they were younger. Fumi starts flipping through an old sketchbook of hers and finds a leaf taped to one page, and it seems to make her remember something.

Later in the party, Akira gets a text from Kyoko saying thanks for the present, since she found out she picked it due to her grilling Ko about it because it wasn’t something he would normally get. She tells Fumi, who is suddenly relieved that that’s all Akira and Ko were doing. After that the three girls leave, but not before Motegi gives Akira’s brother a note, asking him out.

That night, Fumi and Akira find that they can’t sleep, so they look outside to see that it’s snowed. The two decide to go look at the snowy trees in the party that they parted back in elementary school. Fumi then tells Akira that she’s sad that she never got a chance to go back to see their elementary school, so Akira asks if she wants to go visit it then. However, once there, Fumi teases Akira by deciding to look around the school, despite the fact that Akira finds empty schools at night creepy and scary. Fumi then finds an old passageway in the school and remembers that that’s where she got the flower – a blue flower – that was taped in the sketchbook, and remembered that her “first love” was Akira way back then.

And it is finished (and really seems so since it says “Fin” at the end, suggesting that we’re not going to get a second season or anything).

I kind of have mixed feelings about this episode. I suppose it was a good episode for the type of show this was, and at least started heading towards some conclusions, such as Fumi finally seemingly getting over Chizu, and Kyoko and Ko doing better in their relationship, and Yasuko going overseas for college.

However, in other ways, we never really resolved what the status of Akira and Fumi is. Fumi finally realized the answer to the question that Yasuko asked her when they broke up: “do you remember who your first love was?,” remembering that it was Akira way back in elementary school. However, I sort of felt that this could have been set up better. For example, the flower in the sketchbook could have, perhaps, been discovered earlier in the series instead of halfway through this episode, which made the whole situation feel sort of forced to me.

Also…so Fumi found out who her first love was. I mean, yay for sentimental purposes, I guess, and perhaps a realization by Fumi of who she really likes, but it didn’t really have much impact on the series since it came at the very end (barring a second season).

Despite those complaints, like I noted above, I guess this was overall a nice ending. I keep having to laugh at Motegi crushing on Akira’s brother, though. I can just see Akira’s face if she ever finds the two alone in his room lmao.

I’ll do a full review of this series later, but this seemed like a nice slow paced story which, even though wasn’t necessarily very eventful or fireworks filled, still seemed reasonably entertaining.


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  1. Hm, curiously, it seems to follow the manga version of these events fairly honestly, which is sort of surprising as the show only last 11 episodes. I’ve only seen the first episode, but I’ve been following the manga for a couple years now. The odd thing is, the manga actually starts getting interesting right about here. I didn’t care much for the story up to this point, but after Fumi realizes that she might like Akira, things start blending better story-wise. It’s still a slow paced story where the emphasis is on the bittersweet instead of the rolling entertainment. But, I suppose that kind of honesty about how awkward high school romances go is sort of the pull of the story in general.

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