Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 25

It’s Phantom episode 25, and Reiji is able to find Ellen and convince her to allow him to fight Cal in the final showdown.

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Mio remains at the abandoned building until Shiga shows up, when she faints. After Mio wakes up back at home, she decides to ask her mother what the truth is behind who she is. She tells Mio that she and Mio’s father are happy living the way they are, because she and Mio are living the life that Mio’s father can only dream about, but can never reach.

Meanwhile, Reiji is trying to find Cal and Ellen, but has no clue where they might be. However, Mio then calls him and tells him that they would fight at a place that both of them knew at 3 am. She then tells Reiji that the smiling face that she knew must mean that he is meant to live there, and that she’ll wait for him until he’s able to return without any worries. In the meantime, Shiga is rounding up Godoh’s men to go take out all three Phantoms while Cal is drinking it up and still being depressed in the restaurant that she first shot up.

3 am nears, and Ellen is waiting in the church when someone enters. However, she’s shocked to see it is Reiji, who knew that the church was the only place that both Ellen and Cal knew. Reiji says that he’ll kill Cal, but Ellen still doesn’t believe him. Reiji begs Ellen to leave, but she tells him that she isn’t anyone without him – just a person with no memories and no past.

Cal soon arrives, destroying her bike before barging into the church, where he finds Reiji, and only Reiji, waiting for her. Shortly after, Shiga literally trucks in men to take out everyone, but Ellen confronts them before they can enter the church. Inside, Cal takes out her watch and tells Reiji that they’ll draw when the song ends.

Of course, being the only other person who has heard the song to it’s completion, Reiji knows exactly when it ends and is able to draw and shoot before Cal. Cal then dies in Reiji’s arms, telling him that she was happy to have met him. Outside, Ellen has eliminated all of Shiga’s men, with only Shiga left alive, when Scythe Master arrives with his Zahlenschwestern.

I wasn’t really expecting Cal, and only Cal, to die (at least so far), so this was a mildly surprising way to finish up with Cal (once again assuming that we have truly finished up with her). Meanwhile, the final episode looks like it will be Reiji mopping up, first against the Zahlenschwestern and, I assume, after that, with the rest of Inferno. I also have a feeling that Ellen will finally learn where she came from, as a sort of “parting gift” from Scythe Master.

Speaking of Ellen, she sure still has it, doesn’t she? How many men did Shiga bring? I’d have to say at least a couple dozen, and Ellen just disposed of them as if they were nothing. And of course now Reiji and Ellen face probably their biggest test: not just one Phantom assassins, but six new ones. Of course, we haven’t seen these in action yet, so we don’t truly know how good they are, but one would think that Scythe Master wouldn’t put them into action unless they were pretty good.

In any case, all will finally be revealed in the next, and final episode.