Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 24

It’s Phantom episode 24, and Cal finally sets up a confrontation with Ellen, but not before going berserk on Mio.

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Reiji asks for more time from Ellen before they execute their plan, since he wants to be the one who deals with Cal. However, the next day, Reiji finds out that Ellen left school early, and knows that she is going after Cal, but is prevented from going after her until after school lets out lest he raise too many suspicions with Sanae. Meanwhile, Ellen leaves a voice mail with Reiji telling him that if she doesn’t meet with him by a certain time, for him to think of her as dead and to escape on his own.

Back at her hideout, Cal has become increasingly sadistic towards Mio, hanging her from the ceiling by her wrists. Mio tells Cal that she isn’t the only person who has had to endure sadness, that Reiji has had to as well. Cal asks her how she would know, and Mio says she can tell because she loves him. This causes Cal to go berserk, with her calling Mio a liar, shooting at her, and telling Mio that she doesn’t know anything, with the pampered life that she’s lived and ultimately rips Mio’s clothes off in her rage.

Meanwhile, Shiga goes to see the Head of the Godoh group, Mio’s father, to report that she’s “gotten into a bit of trouble” and asks that he give permission for the Godoh group to rescue her. However, he tells Shiga to let Inferno take care of it as long as Mio’s life isn’t in danger.

Cal calls up Ellen and arranges for a place and time for them to fight without interruption. Cal then gives Ellen the courtesy of telling Ellen where Mio is. Before their fight, Ellen shows up to leave Mio clothes and to tell her to go home, but also confirming to Mio that she and Reiji are assassins as well.

Mio begs if there is anything she can do, but Ellen tells her that her love for Reiji won’t stop Cal, only she can. However, she also tells Mio that Reiji can’t put on a smiling or crying facade, so if Mio saw Reiji laugh or cry, then it was for real. Ellen then leaves for her confrontation with Cal, telling herself that if he survives, then that’s proof that she existed.

Cal really went off the edge in this episode, basically torturing Mio for no good reason (even before Mio egged her on). However, near the end, Cal remembers back on waiting for Reiji, showing her cry for the first time (that we’ve seen) over Reiji, suggesting that she harbors a mix of love and hate over him. When she leaves to fight Ellen, she seems strangely depressed and hardly her full-of-herself self, as if she’s either expecting or wanting to die (something which has also been suggested a couple of times before, namely with her confrontation with Lizzie, where Cal was almost disappointed that Lizzie didn’t kill her).

Meanwhile, Ellen has gone off on her own to fight Cal, judging, probably correctly, that there is no way that Reiji will be able to kill her, and this time I’m not sure Reiji will get there on time. However, complicating this time is Scythe Master’s six new assassin dolls, the Zahlenschwestern, who he intends to send in to crash their party.

I’m kind of split between what I think will happen. I get the feeling from this episode that neither Cal nor Ellen will live, and that the “ending” will be Reiji with Mio. However, on the other hand, I still don’t think Mio is done, which suggests that a better ending may yet result. I also found it curious as to why Reiji brought the school work over to Mio’s house. It’s like he was doing so hoping that Mio’s mother will do something in reaction to the obvious fact that something has happened to Mio.

It also seems like we’re going to be cutting things somewhat tight if we want to get rid of McGuire and Inferno by the end of the final episode, which is now merely 2 episodes away. I suppose Reiji and company can go do it in a few minutes at the end, since without any Phantoms or anything Inferno would be pretty easy prey for him, but we’ll see I guess.