Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 19

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 19, and Sakura has put off her summer homework to the last day of break. However, a book she’s trying to do a book report on appears to be hard to catch.

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Sakura rushes to get all her summer homework finished on the last day of summer break. Kero offers to do Sakura’s math worksheets for her for some sweets, while Toya offers to build her birdhouse for her for 5 chore shifts.

Sakura then heads off to the library with Tomoyo so that Sakura can work on her book report and Tomoyo can finish her math worksheets. There, they run into Shaoran who is also there to work. Tomoyo and Kero check answers on their math worksheets, with Sakura only finding that Kero messed all of them up.

Meanwhile, Sakura decides to do a report on the book Piglet Story since it’s the thinnest book on the list. However, they have trouble finding it in the library, mainly because Shaoran has it, but he soon looses it. Shaoran, Sakura, and Tomoyo start finding the book in various places, only to have it disappear just as they’re about to grab it. Soon, Shaoran sees that it’s trying to escape by appearing on a bike outside, but disappears off of that when Shaoran gets close.

Kero says that the book is being moved with the Move card, which can be used to move small, non-living things a short distance. Shaoran and Sakura continue to chase it until Kero tells Sakura to try to concentrate to to tell where it is so she can anticipate where it’ll show up next. She does this, allowing her to seal the card. However, it appears right on a riverbed, causing Sakura to fall into the river after sealing it.

Sakura and Tomoyo go to Shaoran’s place so that Sakura can dry off and get the book after Shaoran’s done with it. However, suddenly a girl named Meilin shows up at Shaoran’s condo, but she gets enraged because Sakura is wearing a shirt that she gave to Shaoran.

So our foursome is finally complete with Meilin appearing on Shaoran’s doorstep and, of course, starting off in a bad mood regarding Sakura (could we have it any other way?)  Of course, we don’t know exactly what Meilin’s relationship with Shaoran is, only that it appears to be close. In any case, we should have fun in the next few episode helping to establish Meilin’s character.

As for the episode itself…I guess it was overall OK.  It was, of course, largely to get Sakura over to Shaoran’s place to set up Meilin’s arrival.  Though, Sakura does seem to show advancement overall, with her ability to sense where the card was going to be and not just having to find it visually or having some vague idea that a card is there.  I do have to laugh at how Sakura puts off all her homework, and then has to buy off her brother to do half of it for her (as well as trying to buy off Kero, though it’s his own fault for not getting his reward).


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  1. Ah yes, Meilin (or likely more properly spelled, Mei Lin, though that never stops English adapters) arrives. I was shocked when I read the manga and found out she is an anime-exclusive character. That does explain the illogic of a future episode though.

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