Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 10

It’s Sweet Blue Flowers episode 10 and it’s time for Yasuko’s love interest to get married.  Just not to her.  Not content to be miserable by herself, Yasuko then decides to tag along with Akira and Fumi for the rest of the day.

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It’s time for Kagami-sensei and Kazusa’s wedding, but Yasuko is being all grumpy about it. Kyoko, Ko, and Akira are also attending, along with Akira’s brother, much to Akria’s annoyance. Meanwhile, Fumi is spending the way just going around to places, wondering where Akira is (since Akira couldn’t bring herself to tell Fumi that she was going to the wedding).

Finally, after the wedding, Fumi gets ahold of Akira, and they agree to meet up. However, Yasuko tags along with Akira (along with Akira’s brother, who drove them all) which just makes everyone, especially Akira, uneasy. Akira tries to go alone with Fumi, and when Yasuko tries to find away to tag along, Fumi asks her not to come with.

Yasuko then tells Akira’s brother that she used to date Fumi, as well as some of her past with Kagami. When Yasuko met him, he was already dating Kazusa for a while. Yasuko thought Kazusa had a strong personality, so to try to be more like her, she decided to cut her hair really short. She then became popular at school, which is when Kyoko became attached to her. Yasuko admits that Kyoko was rather annoying, but then admits that she was probably the same toward Kagami-sensei.

Akira and Fumi decide that they want to visit some caves, but when it looks like Yasuko and Akira’s brother are going to tag along, Akira demures, but Fumi still says she wants to go. Once in the caves, Fumi asks Yasuko why she came. Yasuko tells her that she wanted to see her, but Fumi tells her that she didn’t want to see her, and that Yasuko should focus on the one she loves or “give up gracefully.” Fumi finally tells Yasuko that she’s given up on her and tells her to “grow up.”

Well, any very small opening there might have been in any future Fumi/Yasuko relationship was slammed cut and welded together in this episode, as Fumi shows some unusual backbone in shutting down Yasuko once and for all. Perhaps with this, Yasuko will finally give up on Fumi (since it seems like she was still interested in her, despite breaking up). Since Kyoko seems to be heading in Ko’s direction, even if she still likes Yasuko, Yasuko seems to have pinned herself into a corner regarding any potential relationship matches.

The one thing I was kind of mad about was the fact that Akira didn’t appear to put her foot down in regards to Yasuko tagging along originally. It sounded like they were going to drive, in which case they didn’t have to bring her along. Or maybe they ended up walking, which is why Fumi was waiting there so long (though they didn’t have to do that either…). And, of course, Akira’s brother wanting to tag along with Akira wherever she went just gave Yasuko cause to follow suit.

As I said, I think last time, with only one episode to go (yup, that’s right) the ending looks like it’s either going to be Fumi and Akira realizing that they might be a match for each other, or it’s going to be a set up for a second season. We obviously just don’t have the time for any sort of development after Akira and Fumi get together, if they get together in the final episode at all.

The pace of this epside was also slower than usual, though in a sense it played well since there was a lot of awkward silence in this episode.