Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 18

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 18, and Sakura and Tomoyo decide to go to a summer festival, but find some weird glowing things hanging out behind the shrine.

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Sakura has a dream about floating green glowy things, but is woken up by Kero. Kero asks what her dream was about, but Sakura can’t remember, causing Kero to chide her, since her dreams may be foretelling.

Sakura sees that the last day of a nearby festival is that night and decides to invite Tomoyo to go. Toya tells Sakura he’ll come too, though this is mainly due to him being a worriful older brother, which Yukito notes.

At the festival, they run into Chiharu and Yamazaki, who always looks for more opportunities to tell his stories, as well as Shaoran who is racking up on a shooting game. However, he and Toya get into a contest over a stuffed rabbit after both Sakura and Yukito say they like it.

Sakura and Yukito then walk around together where they suddenly see a group of floating green glowy things, causing Sakura to remember her dream. Sakura tries telling Yukito something, but is interrupted by Toya and Shaoran with their stuffed rabbits.

The group then heads back, but Sakura and Tomoyo hang behind, where Sakura then captures the Glow Clow Card.

This episode seemed to act more of a reminder of things than having new things, such as reminding us of Sakura’s crush on Yukito (not that we need much reminding of that) and Toya’s caring for Sakura, despite his behavior.

However, two incremental new things did happen in this episode. The first is Sakura’s apparent first real attempt to confess to Yukito, which didn’t exactly go as planned since she got interrupted.

The second is Toya’s weird behavior in regard to the Tsukimine Shrine. Perhaps he has a history with that particular shrine?

Also, one funny note in this episode, when Toya and Sakura are making dinner and Sakura is looking back at Yukito, at one point her head is moving like she’s talking, but you year Toya’s voice, making it suddenly sound like Sakura’s voice has, well, gotten a bit deeper. Oops!


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