Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 21

It’s Phantom episode 21 and Reiji has come to the realization that Cal is alive and is working for Scythe Master. Meanwhile, we finally get to see “Drei” in action.

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Reiji sits in the church thinking over the fact that Cal is apparently still alive. Ellen asks him what’s wrong, and he tells her about Cal, and that she is the one who fired the shot the day before.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Scythe Master are ready to execute an operation against a Chinese mafia which has been spreading in Japan, including taking out the old guy that had been hanging out with Scythe Master before (whom Scythe Master now believes “knows too much”). However, Cal is nowhere to be found, so Lizzie gives the order to send in the other Inferno men to take them out.

All of a sudden, Cal shows up on her bike and makes quick work of everyone in a quite flashy manner, which makes Lizzie angry since it will draw too much attention, and lo and behind, Lizzie and Scythe Master end up getting chided by Shiga over it. However, Scythe Master tells Lizzie that, while Drei is imperfect, she’ll be able to get over her weaknesses by defeating the reigning “Phantom”: Reiji.

The next day at school, one of Mio’s friends gives Ellen a package, saying that someone asked her to give it to her, but Ellen becomes suspicious of it and excuses herself. Soon after, Reiji comes up with a reason to follow her. But can’t find her. In the meantime, Ellen reveals that it was an empty bullet casing in the package.

While Reiji is trying to find Ellen, he comes across Scythe Master. Scythe tells him that he was a much better assassin than Ellen because Ellen was merely brainwashed while he had “true intent.” This gave Scythe an idea, so he researched into using hatred as a motivation, and thus “Drei” was born: Cal, an assassin with no brainwashing or memory elimination. An assassin motivated by pure hatred. Scythe then gives Reiji a not-so-subtle warning that Cal is going to be going after Ellen. Meanwhile, in the church, Ellen is waiting for Cal, so that they may have their confrontation…

It’s hard to say for sure whether Cal is a superior assassin to Ellen or Reiji, but she was sure pretty efficient at eliminating the Chinese mafia members. As Scythe noted, she’s apt to be more flashy about it, but in a way, that just makes her more dangerous because times and places where you think you might be safe (such as with a group of people), you may very well not be with her.

I think it’s obvious that the next episode will be a confrontation between Ellen and Cal, though I somehow don’t think it will be the confrontation since we still have 5 episodes left. Probably what will happen is that Reiji will show up in the middle of their fight, forcing Cal to withdraw for the time being. I would expect Cal to show herself to be the superior assassin during the time that the fight takes place, however.

There is another reason why I don’t think Ellen will die quite yet: I think it would include a great sense of poetic justice if Ellen were the one who killed Scythe Master. If Reiji or Cal did it, it just wouldn’t have the same impact as if Ellen did it.

Scythe Master may also be onto something which might help give a hint as to where this story is going: He thought Ellen was an infernior assassin because he thought that having “true intent” was better than mere brainwashing. However, living away from Scythe for 2 years may give Ellen the opportunity to gain “true intent,” at least when it comes to eliminating Inferno.

Just one final note: we haven’t seen a hint of Claudia anywhere for the past couple of episodes. That seems to support the idea that she is really, really dead. It only took 2 episodes before we started to get hints that Ellen wasn’t really dead before. If we hear nothing from Claudia by the end of the next episode, I would feel pretty safe in concluding that, yes, she’s gone.


7 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 21

  1. Your guesses very pretty good and logical though I don’t clearly remember what happened in the visual novel. Also I don’t know how the creators want to conclude the series. But yes, if I remember right Claudia has no role in the future. So, probably the biggest weakness of Phantom has been the somewhat clichéd off-screen deaths. You never know who dies and who comes back to life.

  2. I can still see Claudia coming in to help Reiji and Ellen escape somehow, but I guess it’s getting more likely that she is in fact dead. I want to see Ellen school Cal though, cause Cal talks too damn much (not that it isn’t enjoyable, but still). From watching Full Metal Panic, I know for a fact that pretending to be in high school makes already powerful fighters even more incredibly powerful.

  3. > From watching Full Metal Panic, I know for a fact that pretending to be in high school
    > makes already powerful fighters even more incredibly powerful.

    Lollinger :)

    As for the rest, you’ve been doing pretty good, Josh. Enjoy the ride!

  4. Ellen killing Scythe seems too predictable for what’s been a wild ride up to this point. Ellen doesn’t seem to have any killing intent when she’s not under Scythe’s control. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just let Cal kill her as part of her ‘atonement’. At some point Scythe is going to unleash those 2 other puppets he revealed in an earlier ep. If anything, I’d guess it’ll come down to Zwei vs. those two with ellen and cal being long dead.

  5. the problem with Requiem of the Phantom is that it’s missing a lot of action. I didn’t get to see much of the power each phantom processes like the characters in Canaan does. The storyline is amazing but there are a lot of potentials that aren’t recongize because there are scene that are too draggy and most of the story focuses more on feelings instead of thrilling intense fights.

    Debate with me if you like but
    I think they should have Ein die on ep6, return on Ep 9, fight Zwei on Ep 11 and this should be ep 12 because there’s are a lots of things that could happen, like Zwei and Ein facing many new phathoms with Cal as their leader..

    PS: WHY IS CAL SO MATURE ALL OF A SUDDEN ad Ein and Zwei still lokking like students. ???

    I just started watching phantom the animated, although the storyline is a bit rushed, the action is there.
    It seems better.

  6. @Leon: Requiem is not supposed to be about action anyway. Requiem, like the game from which it is adapted, is about the storyline, characters and their twisted fates and it sacrifices action in order to improve the mentioned elements and only uses the action when it is needed to improve the mentioned elements. In other words, it is not made for the action audience to begin with.
    There are many, many other shows (like CANAAN) that are more action oriented. No need to make Phantom be like one of those.

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