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I’ve gone though and looked and seems like everything is OK.  If anyone is using IE, you might want to keep a look out just because IE likes to break things (there was already one issue post-launch that I had to fix in IE).  And yes, you don’t get nice rounded corners in IE, so I already know about that.

One late addition to the site I made yesterday was adding spoiler tags to comments.  Now in the comment quicktags, you should have a spoiler option (and if you for some reason don’t, you can manually type it in).  It should wrap anything you want to designate as a spoiler in spoiler brackets (I think it applies to posts as well, so I can’t actually show it here lol).  I noticed that in both the series I’m blogging, there have been some discussions about what has happened ahead in the story based on the manga or game, and I though that it might be useful is such discussion was hidden by a spoiler function.

As for the anime credit videos…I think I’ve come up with a compromise.  Any videos which are on youtube and are “clean” (ie, no subs or karaoke or whatever) on them I’ll just go ahead and use YouTube unless the quality is just really, really crappy for some reason.  If no such videos exist, then I’ll use my own hosted videos.  I’ll start going through and putting those in tomorrow, but I’ve reduced the sizes of those videos even more (about 1/2 of what they even were before) and they still seemed to be good, so hopefully that will help on the load time.

Of course, the other noticable added feature, as I alluded to in my preview post, is that linked images, such as the screenshots in my episode reviews, now pop-up in a lightbox-like thing which, I think, will allow people to browse the images in the gallery and whatnot more easily.


8 thoughts on “New Blog Design Now Active

  1. see there is the new spoiler tag up there. it does this:

    [spoiler]this is a spoiler[/spoiler]

    Just click on “show spoiler” to, well, show the spoiler

    • Well, as far as the questions about what people liked or didn’t like, I guess there wasn’t a whole lot. The main dislike some people had were that I had a lot of pictures in my episode review posts (thus I guess spoiling the episode for them…though the review itself would do that too), though I guess my main response to that is kind of “tough” heh.

      I think the thing that helped the most was the question where I asked people to rate, from 1 to 4, the importance of certain items on the site. That was pretty important in driving what went there. It helped push RSS to the top, since that was one of the more important things, and largely drove what went into the Navigation sidebar thing, as well as the order of the sidebar.

      I had to compromise on some things, but the order I came up with ends up making some sense to me, and was kind of aligned with the sentiment of the responses I was getting.

    • I had thought of doing that. I guess I can look into it. The image is set as a background image, so I’ll have to figure out a way to do it, but good suggestion.

      (and I’m not really sure why this comment was put into moderation lol)

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