Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 08

It’s Sweet Blue Flowers episode 8 and everyone has to end up dealing with the aftermath of the collapse of Fumi and Yasuko’s relationship.

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After Yasuko breaks up with her, Fumi decides to go home. Kuri offers to drive Fumi home, and on the trip, Fumi asks her if Kagami-sensei is the person Yasuko loved before. Kuri sort of confirms Fumi’s suspicion, but does tell her that Kagami-sensei is engaged to Kazusa, the sister who used to teach at Fujigaya.

The next day, Fumi is down, and tries to change the topic when Akira asks her about visiting Yasuko’s house by saying that she wants to go see a movie. During the movie, Fumi still acts weird, so Akira asks her what’s up, and Fumi finally tells her that Yasuko dumped her.

The next morning, Fumi doesn’t go to school and Akira decides to make her displeasure obvious to Yasuko. Yasuko decides to pull Akira off the train a few stations early and takes her to a restaurant, where Akira finally lets lose on Yasuko, and where Akira gets confirmation that Yasuko still has feelings for Kagami-sensei. After this, Akira, seeing that it’s way to late to actually go to school, decides to go see Fumi where we have some nice Akira/Fumi bonding.

Some time passes by and it’s almost time for summer vacation. Kyoko tells Akira that she and Ko are going to a summer home over the break and asks if she and Fumi and friends want to go with them there. However, Akira in her enthusiasm in agreeing to go, accidentally spills to Kyoko that Fumi and Yasuko broke up.

Upon hearing this, Kyoko goes to see Yasuko as soon as she can, where Yasuko gives Kyoko her harshest rebuke yet, and does so again after Kyoko continues to be insistent on pursuing her. That night, Akira asks Fumi if she wants to go on the trip with Kyoko, and Fumi says she will. The next day, the three girls decide to hang out, but in the middle, Akira decides to excuse herself. Fumi and Kyoko end up talking about Yasuko and end up having a crying session.

Just as I thought might happen after the last episode, the Akira/Fumi angle is really starting to heat up. While, I think despite what she says, Fumi still has lingering feelings for Yasuko, I think she’s starting to see that Akira is the one who truly makes her happy. However, I still don’t think Akira sees Fumi in this way yet, and that is probably still the biggest obstacle before we can get an Akira/Fumi relationship.

However, I thought it was interesting that, in the end, Fumi and Yasuko are very similar. They both ended up getting depressed when the person they liked got engaged to someone else, and ended up falling for the other as a fallback, and perhaps Yasuko, after finding out that this was pretty much Fumi’s situation, figured out that that’s what happened to her as well.

However, the chances of a Yasuko/Kyoko ending is on extreme life support after Yasuko soundly and seemingly definitively rejected Kyoko yet again. While Kyoko has another possible pairing, with Ko, Yasuko is really boxing herself in a corner now by rejecting everyone but Kagami-sensei.

We also see Akira perhaps at her angriest in this episode as well. She was angry at her brother for following her around on the date, but that was more because she was embarrassed. However, in this episode, she was downright pissed at Yasuko. While Akira has seemed to be an airhead at times, she does seem to be a girl who knows where she wants to go and isn’t afraid to speak her mind if the situation prompts her to.

So, only 3 episodes left in this series, and presumably the next episode will be at Kyoko and Ko’s summer house. Maybe this will give Akira and Fumi as well as Kyoko and Ko some time to do some bonding. However, I just have a feeling that something regarding Yasuko is about to snap. It’s just a matter of by whom towards whom.


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  1. I have no doubt that they will make a second season since *Spoiler*

    Fumi just confessed to Akira (who is still trying to figure out how she feels) in recent chapters of the manga *End Spoiler* Anyway yeah if White Album can have a second season then why not this.

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