Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 07

It’s Sweet Blue Flowers episode 7, and Fumi continues to have doubts about Yasuko, and ends up blowing her off in favor of hanging out with Akira. Yasuko decides to respond by going all in and inviting Fumi over to her house.

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The day after the play, Akira has the day off from school, but Fumi ends up playing hooky so she can hang out with her. Fumi hesitantly remarks that she might want to stay at Akira’s place that night, and Akira immediately says that she can. But Fumi ends up telling Akira that she’ll always be dependent on her unless Akira says no once and a while. Back at the school, Yasuko stops in to see Fumi, who was supposed to hang out with her during basketball practice, but obviously finds that she’s not there.

Fumi ends up staying over at Akira’s anyway, where Akira tries to cheer Fumi on in her relationship, but finds that she once again can’t really do all that much to help alleviate Fumi’s doubts. The next day, Fumi shows up just as Yasuko’s basketball practice ends, where Yasuko isn’t necessarily all that thrilled. Yasuko decides that they’re going to go on a date that weekend, when she’ll introduce Fumi to her family.

That weekend, Yasuko takes Fumi to her house, where she immediately meets Yasuko’s oldest sister, Shinako. Shinako then takes Fumi to meet Yasuko’s youngest-older sister, Kuri, and their mother, where the second oldest sister, Kazusa, joins them. Yasuko then decides to tell everyone: she and Fumi are dating, which is initially met by stunned silence. Kuri appears immediately skeptical, remarking about how wouldn’t this make Yasuko bisexual instead of merely lesbian? She continues to badger her until Yasuko decides to leave to go to her room.

Afterward, Fumi visits Yasuko in her room, where Yasuko says she always lets her sisters “manipulate” her like that. Fumi decides to tell Yasuko that she was “going out” with someone before, though she remarks it wasn’t really at that level, but also says that her partner ended up not being all that serious about it. However, Yasuko remarks that Fumi still has doubts about her, and the fact that she showed up just after Fumi got dumped maybe just made them think it was love at first sight.

However, right then Shinako pops in and tells Yasuko that she shouldn’t corner people with questions like that and tells her to sit there and think about it while Shinako takes Fumi down to play mahjong and were she and the other sisters ask her if she’ll spend the night. Their mother is about to take food up to Yasuko, but Fumi asks if she can take it up for her. Yasuko then apologizes to Fumi for blaming her before, but then tells her that as she is, she can’t be Fumi’s girlfriend.

It looks like Fumi’s constant doubting and hesitation has finally gotten to Yasuko, as at the end of this episode, she pretty much breaks up with Fumi. Yasuko apologizes to Fumi for going off on her for maybe only thinking it was love at first sight, since Fumi met her right after she broke up with Chizu, though I think in the end, Yasuko actually makes a valid point.

In the end, Yasuko decides to take the fall for their relationship crumbling, even though I personally don’t really think it’s her fault much, if any, at all.  Do I think she might still have feelings for Kagami-sensei?  Yeah, maybe, if not probably, but I haven’t really seen that translated in her behavior towards Fumi all that much.  Meanwhile, Fumi keeps backing off due to assumptions and fears which may have some basis in reality, but, as far as I can tell, haven’t seriously manifested themselves.  And, after all, it is Fumi who has stood Yasuko up on multiple occasions at this point.  I’m kind of surprised that Yasuko has been so patient with her up to this point.

Of course, I figured that their relationship would eventually break, given that everything regarding this series is blaring Fumi x Akira.  And if Fumi and Akira are going to end up together, I would think that we might need some lead into that.  This is especially so since neither has necessarily shown a romantic interest toward each other (though they are clearly close friends) while Akira hasn’t shown much interest in girls generally except with perhaps a brief flirtation with the idea in the first couple of episodes.

To me, it’d just be weird if they were suddenly like “oh by the way, I love you!” “oh, what do you know? I love you too!” THE END!  So, just for the sake of the story, I think we need some building, and with only 4 episodes left, it seems like it’s just about the right time to start heading in that direction.


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  1. I think the story would have to be drastically altered from the manga to end this in 11 episodes, with Akira and Fumi together, especially considering the pace of the story. This episode takes it to about halfway through volume 2 of the manga, and we’re partway through volume 5 and they still aren’t together. So more than likely this will wind up going to at least a second season.

    Love the reviews by the way. Always interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on series I like.

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