Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 06

It’s Sweet Blue Flowers episode 6, and it’s time for Fujigaya to present their plays.

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It’s the night of the play, and Akira’s parents come to watch. Akira tries to hide from them, but Fumi’s friends from Matsuoka blow her cover, and Akira ends up having to show her family around the school. While handing out fliers for “Wuthering Heights,” Fumi and friends find that a stack of fliers for the elementary school’s play accidentally got mixed in, so Fumi leaves to take them to the sign in desk for that play. On her way, she runs into Yasuko, and the two remark how it was fate that they just happened to run by each other.

The plays start with the elementary school putting on “The Little Prince.” While they present their play, Fumi rushes out to buy flowers to give to Yasuko. Fumi finally gets back in time for the middle school play, “Little Women,” to get underway. Meanwhile, backstage, Akira and Kyoko are working on the preparations for “Wuthering Heights” when Ko shows up, and tries to be his usual “helpful” self, but Kyoko pretty quickly shuts his attempts down. Backstage, Yasuko asks Akira to make her hair “more wild” by messing it up with her hands, and asks if she can massage her scalp while she’s at it. Afterward, Yasuko thanks since it calmed her down, and Akira notes that Yasuko seems pretty “feisty” even when it doesn’t involve Fumi.

At last, “Wuthering Heights” begins. During one of Catherine’s big scenes, Yasuko asks Kyoko just off stage what she thinks about the character. Kyoko tells her that she’s envious because people always forgive her, no matter how selfish or uninhibited she is, but Yasuko says that she doesn’t like her. In the end, the play is a huge hit.

Immediately after the play is over, Fumi rushes to the drama room to give Yasuko her (sweet? blue) flowers. However, just as Fumi gets there, Kagami-sensei arrives with his own bouquet for the entire production crew. He also tells Yasuko that she did a good job which, surprising even herself, brings her to tears. Seeing this surprises and concerns Fumi.

Afterward, Yasuko apologizes to Fumi for her seeing her cry, and says that she hates it when she does that. Fumi then tells her that Yasuko has someone else, besides her. However, Yasuko tells her that it’s all in the past now. She then invites Fumi to come to basketball practice the next day, since she can focus on that again now that the play is done.

I guess I was somewhat expecting this to be a filler episode, which it largely was plot wise. Watching the performances for all the plays were kind of cool, though. However, despite that, there were some developments of note that occurred in this episode.

The first is that it seems like Yasuko still has some left over feelings for Kagami-sensei and Fumi seems to realize that as well. Yasuko tries to comfort her by saying that it’s all in the past, but I’m not sure how much Fumi is going to buy that, and I think Fumi is going to start feeling awkward around Yasuko again since she already wondered about her before.

Meanwhile, I kind of found it funny how Akira found Yasuko “feisty” even when Fumi wasn’t around. I’m not sure if she meant flirty or energetic or what, but I just always have to laugh at Akira always getting herself into situations where she’s like “oh brother…”

Other than that, we didn’t have much. Akira’s brother showed up, but we didn’t have any siscon action. Ko showed up, but Kyoko escaped from him as fast as she could. Now that we have the play behind us, something that we’ve been building up to since the 2nd episode, we might be pivoting towards a different direction in this series (also since we’re now past halfway too, being 11 episodes long). I’m looking forward to seeing what this series has in store for us next.