Haruhi, Endless Eight, and the Five Stages of Grief

If ANN is to be believed, Endless Eight will finally end in a matter of a couple hours (sorry CCY).  However, I thought I would repeat something that I posted to Twitter last night, because I thought it was still appropriate.

Obey Haruhi

(Image by Aceman67)

The reaction to Endless Eight has been somewhat fascinating, much like the stages of grief:

  1. Denial: “They aren’t REALLY going to keep repeating the same episode over and over, right?”
  2. Anger: “I can’t fucking believe they’re wasting 3/4/5 episodes on the same freaking thing!”
  3. Bargaining: “Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be just 6 episodes instead of 8, or the remaining 13 episodes!”
  4. Depression: “This has completely ruined haruhi! it’s now the worst series ever!”
  5. Acceptance: “Just get this over with so we can watch the last 5 episodes in peace.”

They’ve successfully placated everyone by completely and utterly demoralizing their own fan base.  You don’t see very much raging and rioting anymore, really.  Mainly just grim acceptance that it’ll be over once it’s over.

One thought on “Haruhi, Endless Eight, and the Five Stages of Grief

  1. They have not just demoralised teh fanbase, but many people who ain’t fans won’t even consider watching anything with Haruhi in its name. I ceartanly don’t intend to ever give Kyoani a chance to troll me again.

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