Blog User Input Survey – Just a Reminder

I just wanted to post a reminder about my blog user survey.  I’d greatly appreciate it if people took a couple minutes going through and filling them out.  I have two of them set up, each with 6 questions:

Click Here for the Survey on the Blog’s Content

Click Here for the Survey on the Blog’s Navigation and Structure

Of course, if you read this over the RSS, I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to fill out the Navigatoin and Structure survey, but if people could fill out the content survey, that’d be great.  I’m trying to collect information that I can use towards my next design, which I hope to launch somewhere around the end of August.

And one final note not related to the surveys: I hope to get Aoi Hana episode 5 out tonight.  However, like last week, that’ll depend on the raws.  If the raws get out by 9 or so tonight, I’ll probably be able to get it up.  Otherwise, it’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow.