Candy Boy (ONA) – Anime Review

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candyboyName: Candy Boy
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 8
Aired: November 22, 2007 – May 8, 2009
Based On: N/A
Director: Takafumi Hoshikawa
Produced By: AIC
US Distribution By: Not Licensed


Character Japanese Cast English Cast (N/A)
Kanade Sakurai: Hitomi Nabatame
Yukino Sakurai: Ryoka Yuzuki
Sakuya Kamiyama: Emiri Katou
Shizuku Sakurai: Yu Kobayashi


Candy Boy is about two fraternal twin sisters – Kana and Yuki Sakurai – who attend a private high school together.  They’re very close, holding hands often, and share a single room together, sleeping in the same bed even though they’ve been provided a bunk bed.  However, the twins, Kana especially, is often assaulted by their openly lesbian underclassman Sakuya who usually clings to Kana, comes up with various plans to try to set up dates and whatnot with Kana, and who begs for pictures of Kana from Yuki (much to Kana’s displeasure).

The love that Kana and Yuki share for each other is never really clearly defined outright.  It’s highly suggested that it is romantic in nature, but the two don’t really do any overtly “romantic” things (ie kissing, etc) even when alone.  The two many not even know what the nature of their relationship is like, as they clearly want to stay around each other and make plans to be with each other for the indefinite future, but at the same time don’t seem to struggle with other issues such as “how far they should go.”

The total amount of screen time for this show is pretty short – about 90 to 95 minutes all told over all 8 episodes.  However, despite this, the show does a reasonably good job at exploring the lives of the two sisters, though even given it’s length, it may start to grind on after a while for some.  The show also does a good job keeping fan service to an almost non-existent level despite the fact that, being a web animation and the topic at hand, they could have gotten away with quite a bit if they wanted to.

Overall, animation seemed to be pretty good, though the resolution of the episodes over torrent wasn’t exactly the biggest or the best quality, so a full evaluation of the animation is hard to do, but it appeared to be quite good.  The music didn’t seem to be anything special, but I guess was more good than bad.  Overall, if you want a quick watch with quite a bit of comedy, some drama, and nary a guy anywhere, then you might want to give Candy Boy a shot.


Story: 4/5
Animation: 5/5
Music: 4/5
English Dubs: N/A

Overall: 4/5

First Watched: February 2008 – May 2009
Do I Own: No
Do I Recommend: Yes


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  1. Any idea what the song is that they’re singing in karaoke @ 1:20 and 1:49 in the Prologue episode is? It isn’t listed on any of the OSTs

    • No idea. Maybe it’s listed in the credits, but I probably wouldn’t be able to read what it was called even if it was, heh. Sorry.

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