Anime Gun Fight of the Century!

Who will win this ultimate match up?!

In the blue corner, we have, at something like 13 years and and being trained by the great Phantom Reiji…



And in the red corner, at something like 14 years old and possessing the ability to see emotions as colors…

Young Canaan!

Young Canaan

Now let’s Get It On!


9 thoughts on “Anime Gun Fight of the Century!

    • haha, how did I know that Gunslinger Girl was going to come into this at some point (other than the fact that I almost threw in Henrietta too just for the heck of it myself lol)

  1. What are you guys talking about. Rico would snipe them all before they even know she is there. xD

  2. Cal is also 14 years old.
    And I agree with you, when I saw that episode of CANAAN, I imemdiately tought of Reiji and Cal :P

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