Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 17

It’s Phantom episode 17 and the Godoh group confronts Reiji over the evidence that he was the one behind killing the Godoh members. However, then all hell breaks loose.

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The episode starts of with Claudia reminiscing about her husband/brother (we don’t know which he is, yet) Romero, reiterating to herself that she wants to reach “there” for him. Meanwhile, Reiji heads out to Godoh’s trap, leaving Cal behind. Naturally, when he arrives, the Godoh men ambush him and confront him with the “proof” that he’s been killing off their men – the photo Scythe Master gave them. However, instead of killing Reiji (yet), Daisuke wants the “inside story” of how and why Inferno was killing his men.

Lizzie won’t hear of it, since she knows Claudia wasn’t behind it, so Daisuke tells her about how Claudia was behind the incident a year prior that caused Scythe Master to flee, and Reiji realizes that Claudia set Scythe Master up to gain power within Inferno. Daisuke is then about to finish off Reiji as payback when Lizzie starts yelling at him again.

Daisuke is about to finish Lizzie when his men start getting sniped, and then Daisuke himself takes two bullets. Reiji jumps on top of a just moving train to chase after the sniper and gets final confirmation: It is Ellen/Ein. Reiji asks her why she’s doing this, but she tells him not to call her Ellen, that her name is Ein. She tells Reiji to escape while he can because Inferno is going to come after him soon. After Ein gets away, this news causes Reiji to rush back to his apartment to get Cal, realizing that she’s also in danger. While all this is going down, Scythe Master is talking to some important looking guy, who he tells that he’s sent news of what “really happened” to McGuire, who looked most displeased.

Meanwhile, we have a flashback before the Godohs came to America, with Daisuke talking with his little sister Mio. He’s worried that she might be taken advantage of since she’s related to the Godoh’s, even though they’ve tried to separate her from them as much as they can. He tells Shiga that if he doesn’t come back alive, for him to take care of Mio. Daisuke wakes up to find only he and Shiga are left alive, but Shiga turns on him, but can’t quite bring himself to shoot Daisuke, so Scythe Master shows up and does it for him.

Scythe Master says that killing Daisuke as a “traitor” proves Godoh’s sincerity and will allow them to join Inferno. Shiga almost shoots Scythe Master in despair, but doesn’t. Lizzie goes back to Claudia’s apartment to look for Claudia and get answers, but she’s no longer there. Reiji finally gets back to his apartment but a bomb explodes inside of it just as he gets there, causing him to think that Cal’s been killed inside of it.

Wow. Well, this is “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II” I guess. I was was half expecting Lizzie to get it this episode, but she didn’t, though it may be just a matter of time by now, perhaps even by Claudia herself, who, like Scythe Master, is too slippery to get caught at this point, I think.

Meanwhile, McGuire seems to be discovering the disadvantage of trying to unify the underworld, which is that crooks and deceivers don’t stop being crooks and deceivers, even if they’re unified into one organization. McGuire won’t be offed yet, but it’s only a matter of time. He’s at the great disadvantage of choosing between one person who has betrayed Inferno, and someone else who has at least greatly interfered in their affairs, and who has betrayed who will probably be the largest group within Inferno once Godoh joins.

I guess Shiga was knee deep in Scythe’s plan. which makes me think that the “shock” he displayed at seeing the picture of Reiji in the last episode was feigned. I’m half-surprised he killed (or was going to kill) Daisuke, a betrayal just made stronger by the flashback. Up to this point it seemed like he was going to try to pull Daisuke in his direction, and once Daisuke went against Inferno, it looked like he had. But now we learn that Godoh actually does want to join Inferno, but doesn’t want to do so under Claudia. The reasons for this still aren’t entirely clear, except perhaps it just makes Godoh McGuire’s primary gang within the organization. I’d still like to know who the man Scythe Master was talking to was, though if I had to render a guess, I’d say it was the top boss of the Godoh group.

Meanwhile, Ein seems as brainwashed as ever, though I found it interesting that she told Reiji to escape, since that didn’t seem to be Scythe Master’s plan when he was talking to that guy. Then again, we can’t really believe anything Scythe Master tells anyone, so letting Reiji go might have been part of is plan as well, believing that he might even rejoin him or, at worst, go independent and try to take out the remaining Inferno leadership himself.

If I had to guess at Scythe Master’s plan from here on out, it will be to use the Godoh group to completely take over Inferno, killing McGuire, and taking control of the organization for himself. And, of course, he has to get rid of Claudia and get back into McGuire’s good graces to be able to do that. So what better way to do that but to frame the Godoh’s assassinations on Claudia and Daisuke under the apparent plan of trying gain more power within Inferno. The irony and convolutedness of it all is amazing.

I guess the only real thing we can say at this point is that we can hardly believe anything anyone says or does from this point on, because we don’t really know what their true motivations are, which keeps one on the edge of your seat. Perhaps the confrontation I’m most interested in seeing now is Lizzie and Claudia. Like I said above, I have a feeling Lizzie may not come out of that alive.

One last note: obviously the most immediate circumstance is Reiji rescuing Cal. She was probably either in the apartment and survived or went out shopping or chasing after Reiji or something and thus wasn’t there (a possibility which I think might be supported by the last shot we see of inside the apartment). Just from the plot standpoint, we know Cal won’t be dead. It was kind of like that with Ellen/Ein, but I think even more so in this case. It’s just going to be a matter of how she survived.


2 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 17

  1. Not quite. Poor Shiga is being played by SM fairly well.

    This is how things are looking for Shiga: He’s getting proof that Claudia’s right-hand man is behind at least one of the murders (wrong, but true from _his_ perspective). They know that Claudia is the one who set everything up, and they know that Claudia wants her own power base in Inferno, so they believe that she’s playing yet another double game.

    In the end, the betrayal of one year ago is gonna come out anyway – Lizzie escaped. There’s open warfare between the Godoh Group and Inferno, which is dangerous and unprofitable. So, Shiga decides that it’s smarter to lose ONE more guy – Daisuke – as figurehead sacrifice and pretend that the Godoh Group was fooled by Claudia AND Daisuke. And he acted on it.

    • Well, I figured that Scythe Master was playing Shiga, but his “surprise” at seeing the photo and his behavior otherwise has been pretty inconsistent, which is why I felt that his “surprise” was a ruse instead of genuine surprise. However, beyond that, I have no doubt he’s getting played.

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