Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 04

It’s Sweet Blue Flowers episode 4, and Fumi is increasingly stressed about what Akira will think of her and Yasuko’s relationship.  Meanwhile, Yasuko appears to have had her own past dealings with the Fujigaya Drama Club faculty sponsor.

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We start off with the scene of Yasuko and Fumi kissing. Yasuko asks Fumi if she was nervous, and she says yes. Yasuko says she was too, which kind of surprises Fumi, as she thought that she was the only one who “was feeling these emotions.” Yasuko then tells Fumi that they should try to walk to school together in the mornings. However, when Fumi gets to the train station the next morning, she finds both Akira and Yasuko there waiting for her. On the train, Yasuko tells Akira that she used to go to Fujigaya, and that’s how they knew about her. All this makes Fumi down, and after Akira breaks off to go to Fujigaya, Fumi tells Yasuko that they should stop meeting up at the train station together because of Akira.

Back at Fujigaya, Kyoko tells Akira that Ko liked her and wants to see her some more, but Akira is hesitant about it. In the drama club room, the club faculty sponsor Kagami-sensei comes in to see what’s up. When he leaves, Kyoko chases after him and asks him whether he knows why Yasuko left Fujigaya, but he says he doesn’t know.

After school, Akira and Fumi go into a restaurant to hang out, where Fumi is still upset about what happened that morning, Akira tries to tell Fumi that she can commute with whomever she wants, and even suggests the three of them go together, but Fumi insists that she commute with Akira and only Akira. Fumi then tells Akira that she’s dating Yasuko. The next morning, Fumi doesn’t meet up with Akira at the train station. Akira thinks back on the meeting the day before and thinks that there isn’t anything wrong with a girl liking another girl.

In class, Akira “hypothetically” asks Kyoko what she’d do if Akira told her that the person she liked was a girl. Kyoko decides to ask Akira the same thing, and the best answer Akira can come up with is to support her. Back at her school, Fumi tells Yasuko that she told Akira about them, which just makes Yasuko feel that Fumi is really strong. Yasuko then decides to bring Fumi along on a trip to see the Fujigaya Drama Club. There, Akira tells Fumi that she wants to support her, but doesn’t know how, so Fumi asks her to just act normal.

Yasuko then decides to say hi to Kagami-sensei but remembers back to when she still attended Fujigaya when he said something to her when he saw her in the hallway. Later, while Yasuko is practicing the play, Fumi asks Akira and Kyoko if they’d heard anything about the “Master of the Library,” which Yasuko had told her about before, but neither of them know. This makes Fumi wonder about Yasuko’s story. It’s then highly suggested that it was Kagami-sensei that gave Yasuko the title.

I think the relationship chart has now grown beyond the scope of the known universe. It seems like Yasuko was nicknamed the “Master of the Library” by Kagami, and that’s where Yasuko got her story. Now, I’d think that that alone wouldn’t be such a big thing, which is why I think – and it is hinted at in a couple of ways in the episode – that Yasuko and Kagami had some level of romantic relationship, which is probably what ultimately led Yasuko to leave the school.

Of course, the this leads us into a sort of a “chicken or the egg” type situation: did Yasuko ultimately leave this alleged relationship with Kagami because she’s a lesbian, or did she “decide” to go out with other girls as a way to emotionally deal with this alleged relationship? In any case, Kagami still seems to have an interest in Yasuko, and Yasuko is at least comfortable enough to go visit him. I’d say there is still more to learn in regards to this.

Meanwhile, Fumi and Yasuko’s relationship definitely seems to hit the rocks whenever Akira becomes involved. Fumi seemed unusually touchy about Akira and Yasuko both meeting her in the morning, though that could just be due to her being afraid that Akira would have thought something was up, though Fumi basically solved that by coming out to Akira.

Kyoko was kind of drug along in this episode. We see her here and there but she didn’t really have all that big of a part in it, other than initially trying to figure out why Yasuko left Fujigaya and helping give Akira advice.

In any case, it kind of seems like the characters have gotten, and are continuing to get themselves, into some sort of Gordian Knot and I’m still looking forward to see how complex it gets and how everything ultimately gets resolved.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 04

  1. Nice review like always. There was yet another mistranslation by Crunchyroll in this episode though, which might lead people to misunderstand things:

    CR mistranslated Kagami-sensei’s line as “Pretend I didn’t just say that”, but it should be “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that”.

    The correctly translated line is Kagami-sensei’s answer to what it’s most likely Yasuko’s confession (going by her blush at that moment). In other words, Yasuko was rejected, and so they never have any relationship. Well, I could be wrong (with my interpretation, not my translation), but I don’t think so.

    In any case, I hope CR will get a better translator soon, because their current one sucks.

  2. Very nice review. Yes, I do think the relationship chart is beyond what your marker and poster can take on.

    Although I have to say, since I read the manga, the anime is tackling this Kagami thing in a very interesting manner.

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