Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 16

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 16, and Sakura goes on a nice summer trip with her family, where she meets a friendly old man.

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Sakura and her family and Yukito take a trip out to a country home that they’ve rented for a couple days. Sakura decides to go on a walk while the others go out to buy stuff. While out, she runs across a rather large house where she meets an old man who invites Sakura to have a cup of tea.

That night, Sakura asks if she can go see the old man again the next day, and her father says she can since it’s good to meet new friends. The next day, the old man invites Sakura up into the house to show her his granddaughter’s room, but he tells Sakura that she has already “gone to heaven.” After cheering Sakura up, the old man and Sakura have some fun, such as playing tennis and the like.

While drinking some tea later, the old man tells Sakura that she reminds him of his granddaughter. Sakura then remembers some cookies that her father made and takes them out and gives them to the old man. The old man then asks Sakura about her father, and Sakura tells him that her father is kind and good at all sorts of things and that she loves him.

The old man then lets Sakura try on his granddaughter’s favorite outfit. He asks if Sakura will accept it, but she tries to refuse, but the old man insists. Sakura then sees a drawing of a rainbow in the room and the man tells Sakura that his granddaughter drew it because he loves rainbows.

That night, Sakura and Kero ponder what to give the old man in return for the dress and she remembers that he likes rainbows. The next day, just as Sakura is about to leave, she goes over to tell the old man to look out on the veranda off his granddaughters room. Sakura then uses the Rain card to create a rainbow for the old man.  We then see that Sonomi, who is also a granddaughter of the old man, was there keeping out of sight, and we learn that the granddaughter who Sakura reminded him of as none other than Nadeshiko – Sakura’s mother.

Ah, it’s episodes like this which help make Cardcaptor Sakura the show that it is. Fujitaka renting the country house was clearly no accident. He did it intentionally so that Sakura could meet her great-grandfather, even if she wasn’t aware of it, something which would be hard to pull off otherwise do to the bad relationship between Fujitaka and Nadeshiko’s side of the family. I also have to wonder whether Fujitaka let Sonomi in on the secret since she was there to help make drinks and snacks out of sight too.

In this case, we find that Sonomi and Nadeshiko share grandparents, which would make them first cousins and would make Tomoyo and Sakura Second cousins. We already knew they were related on some level after the athletic festival episode, but this episode let us know exactly how they’re related.

Tomoyo wasn’t able to go on the trip with Sakura, which in this case might have been a good thing since I’d have to imagine that she’s probably met the old man, who would of course be her own great-grandfather as well.

This is, I believe, also the first episode in the series where Sakura (or Shaoran) doesn’t capture any Clow Cards. It was all character development this time.

Oh yeah, and they’re taking a week off next week airing Cardcaptor Sakura in Japan, so I’ll take a week off as well.  Next episode review will be posted in 2 weeks.


6 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 16

  1. One of the things that struck me the first time I watched this episode was, “You know, for a ‘great grandfather,’ he’s in pretty good shape.” *lol*

    Another point (and this can be made throughout the series) is that this episode reminds me of how lazy animators are today (for the most part). Look at how many outfits Sakura-chan has on in this episode alone. There are countless anime series where the characters wear the same clothes episode after episode and only change IF the story somehow demands it (say a swimsuit episode).

    • One of the things that struck me the first time I watched this episode was, “You know, for a ‘great grandfather,’ he’s in pretty good shape.”

      lol I’ve always kind of thought that as well.

      On the outfits thing, yeah, with Phantom, I love the series, but after a while the fact that the characters wear the same thing episode after episode after episode is kind of grating on me. It’s not really important enough to me to not make the show enjoyable, but there is a sort of annoyance level with it, I think.

      • At least anime, especially shojo, have characters that rotate their outfits on a regular basis compared to American animation. But CCS excels at making sure Sakura (costume or not) always have outfit changes. Partly because CLAMP did the designs for most of the characters outfits for the anime.

        One thing about this episode that was kinda of controversial was a few fans felt a little awkward with the concept of Sakura visiting the old man because he was supposedly a stranger and it just gave some people a slightly creepy vibe throughout the episode.

      • I’d say there are lot more things which could be described as a lot “creepier” than her visiting a nearby old man, especially given that I’m pretty sure Sakura’s father knew who it was and encouraged her to go lol.

  2. Reading these episode posts makes me really nostalgic and reminds me why I love this series. To date the show is one of my all-time favorites as the character development in this show is astounding. There are episodes of this show I still remember scene-by-scene because they were that amazing.

  3. I really like all the summer dresses Sakura uses in the ep.
    Also very funny how Tomoyo spends her day watching a Sakura’s Marathon videos. :)

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