Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 16

It’s Phantom episode 16 and Claudia and the Godoh’s now believe they’ve closed the case of who was knocking their members off with the revelation that Issac’s man was trying to snipe them. This causes Reiji to wonder whether he should cut ties with Cal. However, Scythe Master still has another card up his sleeve as well.

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After the incident in the last episode, Daisuke gives the order to shoot, but Claudia stops them by grabbing Lizzie’s gun and shooting and killing Issac. McGuire asks what justified shooting him, but Reiji calls and tells Claudia who he had shot, confirming Issac’s participation. Afterward, Reiji chats with Lizzie about the incident, who thinks the 2nd sniper probably worked for Issac as well, but Reiji has doubts, since he figures that Issac would have wanted to kill Daisuke, not just rattle him.

Now that avenging Judy is apparently done, Cal is worried that she won’t be able to stay with Reiji anymore, and indeed, he tells her that she can’t help on any assassinations anymore. But he does let Cal stay to be his “maid.” Meanwhile, due to her “excellent” work in uncovering Issac, McGuire promotes Claudia.

After a while, Reiji is still struggling with what to do about Cal when she asks to be his assistant again. She says she knows Reiji doesn’t want her to be an assassin, but she wants to learn how to be strong and not rely on others. However, Reiji ends up unintentionally yelling at cal, saying that he hates himself for being an assassin, and that he’s already “broken,” asking Cal if she wants to be like him.

Later, Reiji apologizes for yelling, but Cal tells him that it’s not his fault, that he was just doing a job that was going to get done anyway, and that he’s not a bad person because he doesn’t want to kill people, and that if the people who had killed Judy were like him, she wouldn’t have died. She tells him that she wants to stay with him and to help him. All this makes Reiji realize how much Cal has helped him, from turning from someone who was dead inside to someone better.

Meanwhile, Scythe Master shows Shiga a photo of Reiji in the hotel room with the dead Godoh member in Las Vegas. Lizzie then calls Reiji to tell him to get ready, since the remnants of Issac’s old gang are behaving weird. However, she’s made to do this by the Godoh members while Ein/Ellen waits to knock off Reiji when he arrives.

Well, I wasn’t expecting Issac to go quite that quick and suddenly, though I figured that after he had one of his men try to knock off Daisuke, that he probably wasn’t going to last too much longer.

Meanwhile, I was also right about the fact that Reiji finding the weapon in the hotel room of the dead Godoh might come back to haunt him. It wasn’t in quite the way I was expecting, but I had a suspicion that something bad was going to come of it. Now it seems clear that it was possibly planned all along by Scythe Master.

I’m now less sure about about whether Shiga is behind all of this or whether Scythe Master is doing it behind his back. He seemed genuinely surprised when shown the picture by Scythe Master, though I suppose he could have been acting in front of his men as not to raise any suspicions. In any case, the Godohs now clearly think that Claudia is just using them and are planning to double cross them. Of course, this makes Scythe Master gleeful as he’s just using the Godohs to get back at Claudia.

This episode also seemed to have a lot of pedophile bonding between Reiji and Cal, with Cal wanting to “join Reiji’s world” to get closer to him while Reiji wants to use Cal to help draw himself back out to “her world” and out of the world of being an assassin.

In any case, I’ve been expecting a face-to-face confrontation between Reiji and Ein/Ellen for a few episodes now and we haven’t really had it, barring the short glimpse Reiji had of her in the elevator. However, now that Ein/Ellen is most likely out to knock Reiji off, I’d think that a face-to-face confrontation is all but inevitable now.


4 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 16

  1. The worst thing about Cal’s and Reiji’s bonding is probably the fact that Reiji’ character design is wrong as he doesn’t look liek a 16-years old boy at all. And neither does Ellen look like she is 15years old (around one year older then Cal).

    • Heh, if I had to take a guess just on character design, I’d say Reiji was probably by now early 20s (considering nearly if not at least a year has gone by since the series started), Ein is probably 18/19 and Cal is like…12 lol.

  2. do u think ellen is brain washed?
    i doubt it,ryt?
    i mean scythe isnt dat twisted to da extent wer he’l make her go through da whole process again..i think
    im sure she hasnt 4gotten about reiji
    i mean she did say “dont call me or be4 im juz ein” or somethin like dat
    aahhh i cant wait 4 da confrontation
    i wonder wat ellen said dat angered reiji
    coz apparently hes pointing a gun @ her
    mayb he still thinks shes dead n dat hes hallucinating
    aaaahh who knows
    we’l find out soon wont we
    i juz hope cal doesnt interfere with da reunion n decides 2 shoot ellen if ever ellen attempts 2 kill reiji
    wich she will duuuh
    thanks 4 blogging

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