A Quick Look at Otakon Industry Panels

Here is a quick look at the times of major industry panels.  Unfortunately, if AX was sparse, Otakon is a desert.  However, we’ve already had action with Bandai and there are indications that there is more to come, and Funimation has pretty much said that they’ll have something to say, so it might not be completely worthless:

Friday, July 17
12:30 PM: Madhouse
2:00 PM: Aniplex TBA
3:00 PM: Aniplex
9:00 PM: Bandai Entertainment

Saturday, July 18
10:00 AM: Funimation

Sunday, July 19
10:00 AM: Funimation TBD

And that’s it as far as I can see.  TokyoPop, ADV/Sentai, and Media Blasters seem to be major companies skipping the cons altogether this year, while smaller companies like Kadokawa, Seven Seas, and Go! Comi have been no where to be found either.  CMX, Right Stuf, Viz, and Yen Press were at least at AX, but aren’t at Otakon as far as I can see.  Just look at it this way: the Japanese production companies appear to just as well represented as the US licensing and production companies.

Also, who schedules their industry panel at 9PM? (OK, maybe Bandai didn’t have a choice in the matter, but, unless there is a reason for doing so, that seems sort of like a screw up).

In any case, as usual I’ll try to follow the action in Baltimore the best I can from my home base here.