OMG…Something Is Coming!

Perhaps you have or haven’t noticed, but for the past 10 days or so, if you visit the ANN website, view it in it’s default theme, and then mouse over the left side of the page, you see a black silhoutte pop up on it with a question mark on it.  When you click on it, it takes you to a crazy looking site called

The site features a rotating silhouette picture (they’re on their fifth version) and a ticker counting down to noon on this upcoming Thursday, which is registration pick up day for Otakon, by the way.  The site has no HTML comments and has been registered with a service to keep the real registrant’s identity private.

Thus far, the five images on the site have been the following:

silhoutte silhoutte_2 silhoutte_3
silhoutte_4 silhoutte_5

Whether these things have anything to do with whatever is going to be announced, who knows.  About the only thing we can (possibly) assume is that it’s anime related, as the add is on ANN’s website.  But what about anime – a con announcement, a new license announcement, etc. – much less by whom is completely unknown.

There have been some theories floating around that it could be an announcement for Kannagi, as the Kannagi fan site has a somewhat similar pixelated photo on it’s page with a note to check back for a “special message,” also on this Thursday.  Also, there is the fact that It’s OMG (oh my god) and Nagi is a goddess, so there would some level of hinting there if it turns out to be that.  Of course, if it’s Kannagi, what could the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th image possibly have to do with it?


I should note that it is counting down to noon in the timezone correlating with UTC-0700, which is Pacific time (I think originally it didn’t have a time zone set).  This signifies a couple of things: a) it’s probably not Otakon related.  b) it’s probably not related to a Japanese company.  c) It’s probably not related to Media Blasters (NYC), Funimation (Texas), ADV (Texas), or Right Stuf (Iowa).  The only major anime companies based on the west coast that I’m aware of are Viz and Bandai.  I guess I should also note that Geneon Entertainment – what’s left of it anyway – is also based in California.

Update 2

And as soon as I post this, ANN puts up a new skin, and the old question mark man is gone, even if you switch back to the old design.  Odd that whoever is pulling that stunt would suddenly stop advertising it on ANN 3 days before whatever announcement is going to happen.

9 thoughts on “OMG…Something Is Coming!

  1. I still think it’s something FUNi would do. But if it’s them, they’re being very quiet (unlike back in the days of the New Year countdown. If I recall rightly (or wrongly), didn’t they promise more releases in the summer? The whole set may also be related to The Daughter of Twenty Faces or Eden of the East, but I’m not sure about that. The fact that the Kannagi fansite is blank but newly out may indeed mean something.

    • Yeah, they said they’d have more, though I don’t know why they’d countdown to Pacific time.

      Twenty Faces had crossed my mind, though I don’t know what a Car has to do with that. Eden could be a good guess too.

    • I guess I should add that Crunchyroll is based in California, so we might not be able to completely count out that it has something to do with them. If that’s the case, then each image could be for a different series instead of for one.

  2. Maybe it’s something ANN-related? For example Zac Bertschy’s project that’s supposedly “something really cool”?

    • I don’t know. I don’t see anything so big and huge for ANN that they’d get a domain for it and have a count down for weeks, but maybe. But also, the “ad” with the disappearing man was replaced by another one today. I’m not sure ANN would do that if it was related to them, but I guess we’ll see eventually.

  3. FUNi is the one who owns Gungrave now, according to the link given at the sidebar. I still suspect it’s them, this omg stunt, but I don’t know why and cannot prove it.

    Maybe they’re counting down to that registration thing you’re mentioning, after all. (I’m from another country.)

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