Eden of the East – Anime Review


The Essentials

Name: Eden of the East
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 11
Aired: April 9, 2009 – June 18, 2009
Based On: N/A
Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Produced By: Production I.G.
US Distribution By: Not Licensed


Character Japanese Cast English Cast (N/A)
Saki Morimi: Saori Hayami
Akira Takizawa: Ryohei Kimura
Juiz: Sakiko Tamagawa
Satoshi Osugi: Takuya Eguchi
Kazuomi Hirasawa: Motoyuki Kawahara
Mikuru “Micchon” Katsuhara: Ayaka Saito
Onee: Kimiko Saito
Haruo Kasuga: Hayato Taya
Daiju Mononobe: Atsushi Miyauchi
Kuroha Shiratori: Rei Igarashi


Eden of the East is a mystery series regarding a man identifying himself as Akira Takizawa who turns up naked in front of the White House, and in the process saves a Japanese tourist there, Saki, who had gotten in trouble by throwing something over the White House fence.  However, Akira has no memories of the past and is in possession of only two things: a gun and a mysterious cellphone which says he has ¥8.2 billion ($82 million) on his phone and is answered by a girl named Juiz who appears to be able to do anything – for a price.

Soon, Akira finds out that he is a “Selecao” – one of 12 people seemingly randomly chosen by a man only known as “Mr. Outside” and given 10 billion yen with instructions to use it to save Japan.  However, only one Selecao – the one who is actually able to save Japan – can survive the game, with all the others being taken out by “The Supporter.”  The mystery deepens even further when the possibility that the Selecao are connected to the “Careless Monday” event that took place 3 months earlier, in which 10 missiles hit Japanese cities, but somehow no one was killed.

Eden of the East is done in an unusual style, at least based on most other shows I’ve seen, and thus can’t really be fitted very well into any pre-existing show “templates” out there.  I think this serves the show well as that allows it to keep the viewer on their toes as Akira delves deeper and deeper into the mystery of who the Selecao are and what involvement he’s had with them in the past.  The show picks up momentum right away and continues it all the way through to the end of the series – though, even though some major story lines are resolved in the series proper, the answers to some of the bigger questions are left for two sequel theatrical films.  Despite this, the series is still largely able to stand on it’s own even without the two sequel movies.

I think perhaps the biggest strength of this show is it’s characters, especially Akira, who has to deal with having to piece together who he is, what he has done, and why he has done it.  However, many of the other characters are also rather compelling to watch as well.

There appears to be very little to dislike about this show.  It has great animation, great music.  As I noted above, it seems to have a compelling story that it’s able to keep up all the way through the series.  It also mixes it’s comedy and drama aspects very well, and I don’t really recall any place where I thought the transition between comedy-centric parts of the show and drama-centric parts of the show was awkward.  Overall, I think this is an excellent show which many, many people could enjoy.


Story: 5/5
Animation: 5/5
Music: 5/5
English Dubs: N/A

Overall: 5/5

First Watched: April – June 2009
Do I Own: No
Do I Recommend: Yes