Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 14

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 14, and it’s time for a school festival at Toya and Yukito’s high school, where Toya ends up playing a rather unusual part in a play.

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Sakura and Tomoyo visit Toya and Yukito’s high school for a fair the school is holding. Meanwhile, Toya prepares to be in a play his class is putting on, where we see that he’s pretty popular with the girls. Sakura and Tomoyo make their way to Yukito’s class, which is doing a traditional candy shop, where they also find Shaoran chugging down quite a bit of soda.

Yukito then takes the trio around the school, where he beats the school’s basketball team (3 times) in order to give them all gifts. He then leads them to the gym where the play is going to be held. Meanwhile, a strange green mist starts invading the building.

The play, Cinderella, gets under way where Sakura sees that the title role is played by none other than Toya (with all the female roles played by men and vice versa in the play). Then they find that Yukito is playing a magical can of mackerel (in place of the fairy godmother).

As the play nears it’s conclusion, Sakura and Shaoran both feel a presence. Toya and the girl playing the prince, Yoko, are on an elevated balcony when the strange mist enters the stage and starts dissolving the support beams for the platform, causing part of it to break off, with Toya holding onto Yoko to keep her from falling.

Sakura and Shaoran realize it’s a Clow Card and run into the audio-visual room next to the stage while Sakura calls Kero, who tells her that it’s the Mist card – a card that rots everything it touches. Sakura decides to wrap up mist with Shadow, which allows her to seal it. However, the platform still collapses, so Shaoran uses his own wind magic to catch Toya and Yoko.

We didn’t have much development as far as Sakura or Tomoyo was concerned, but for the second straight episode we’ve now seen Shaoran either help or be with Sakura while capturing a card without causing much of a fuss. We also see that Toya and Yukito are strong and/or athletic themselves (as well as popular with the girls). Toya also tells Yoko, after turning her down when she asks him out, that he likes someone else. The question is: who?

However, I think most of this episode was mainly just for laughs, especially seeing Toya having to go through playing the role of Cinderella, which he clearly wasn’t very thrilled to have to play. Somehow one has to wonder whether the whoe thing was the idea of the girls in Toya’s class who seem to be going bonkers over him.


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  1. lol.
    I remember watching Cardcaptors when I was alot younger.
    It used to be one of my favorite shows, alongside DBZ.

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