Me Get More Shana [Updated]

Shakugan no ShanaIt’s not what I was hoping in the sense of a new TV series, but we are getting some more Shakugan no Shana.  This time they’re releasing it as an OVA series of a yet unannounced length called Shakugan no Shana S (gotta love adding random letters to the end of the series name).  The first volume, which I presume will include only the first episode as that’s how things tend to work in Japan, is set for release October 23rd.  I will, of course, be blogging this OVA.

Speaking of Shana, still no word on whether the second season or (less likely) the movie has been licensed.  The most likely suspect for licensing either would probably be Funimation, and they have said that they have more announcements over the summer, so one can only hope.


Some more information about Shakugan no Shana S:

Nakayama says that he is aiming for the finale of the storyline, but before the staffers can do the third series, they must delve into the background of the characters and their deep relationships.

OK, maybe this is just me, but…what?  Does this mean this is going to be some sort of prequel?  Some sort of “not central to the storyline but has character development” episodes or what?  I mean, isn’t “[delving] into the background of the characters and their deep relationships” kind of what series do in their episodes?  Why can’t they address in a third TV series which, thankfully, it looks like they are intending to produce.  I just don’t get why this OVA is necessary based on this description.


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  1. Yeah, you have to take some of these statements with a grain of salt.

    At the moment, a third season isn’t practical because:

    a) there isn’t enough source material for a full season, and while the end of the story is near (which is why the producers must aim for a finale), those final novels haven’t been finished yet

    b) currently, the same companies are producing Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, which is aimed at a similar audience

    Nevertheless, there’s a need to maintain series momentum (all that Haruhi craziness is undoubtedly a response to lost momentum), so they have the OVAs as a stopgap. I can’t think of a creative reason for the decision, but it makes business sense.

    • Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Your theory might be supported by the fact that they’re also pretty much officially throwing out “a third TV series is coming too!” Especially since fall season is when we’d be due for another series anyway (past ones were fall 05 and fall 07 I think).

      I’m thinking maybe a 4 episode OVA series or something spanning a year, leading up to the third series in fall 2010 maybe?

  2. Sorry, but there is enough in novels to publish 2 more season at rate they are going. It is just there is a novel by the same title of Shakugan no Shana S, and I believe they are going to make ova’s out this this novel and backstory because it has a large impact on what you think you know about everyone in the main story.

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