Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 14

It’s Phantom episode 14, and Reiji has lots of things going on: training Cal, protecting the Godoh group, and putting up with Cal choosing clothes.

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Phantom tentatively asks Cal (who is a good cook by the way) if she wants to be his assistant, remembering back on how he told McGuire that he wanted to train Cal into an assassin order to cover for her, and fully expecting to meet resistance. However, Cal enthusiastically agrees to be “Phantom’s assistant.”

Meanwhile, Reiji goes with Claudia to meet with the Godoh family leaders at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas to “apologize” for their 4 men getting killed and $5 million getting stolen. Afterward, Claudia tells Reiji that she thinks that Issac himself ordered the attack on Godoh’s men in order to halt Claudia’s gaining influence within Inferno. She then tells Reiji that she’s intending to use the remaining Godoh members who are staying in Las Vegas as bait to lure him out again and expose him.

However, Godoh’s second in command in Las Vegas, Shiga, who has been against working with Inferno all along, has been secretly communicating with Scythe Master, telling him that he “needs to stay with them” for a bit longer. However, the leader appears to be doing his own things, such as bedding Claudia while mentioning that the Godoh group will soon be protecting her.

On the way back from shopping for new clothes for Cal, Reiji sees Lizzie in a parked truck. Lizzie then gives Reiji a gun for Cal to use, and also tells him that McGuire is interested in seeing how far his training with Cal has gone. As a result, Reiji takes Cal out to the old warehouse in the middle of nowhere, where Cal immediately shows herself to be a very quick learning marksman.

That night, the Godohs decide to go out on the town, and Reiji is tasked with watching over them. He loses track of the third of the group, but a bartender tells him that he’s gone up to his hotel room with a girl. Reiji heads up to his room, but finds the Godoh guy dead with no girl to be found. He hears the elevator chime and runs out, but is too late to stop the girl, but he does get a glimpse of her – a girl who looks very much like Ein/Ellen. Reiji runs downstairs to beat the elevator, but when the elevator gets there, no one is on board. Meanwhile, the woman walks out of the hotel…

Well, we have several threads going on in this episode, so try to keep up.

The first is Claudia’s plan to use the Godoh group as bait to expose Issac, as she suspects that he is the one behind the killing of the Godoh members. She thinks this because there is no evidence that word of the meeting was leaked out, so she thinks it has to be an inside job, and Issac has a great reason to do it: he’d love nothing than to halt Claudia’s rise in influence within Inferno.

However, in this episode we get an even better look of the Godoh killer in the elevator, and my oh my, just like the silhouette before, she sure looks like she could be Ein/Ellen, though we never get to see her face to tell whether it actually is her or not. But given the fact that Shiga Godoh has been in contact with Scythe Master, one would have to believe that it is more than likely her.

Finally, we have the start of Cal’s training, in which, if anything, she starts off even more promising than Reiji did when he was being trained. Whether this means she’s better or whether it’s because she’s going into it head first and he was confused and without memories, it’s hard to say at this point. In any case, she caught on with her firearms training pretty fast, and I have a feeling that McGuire will probably be satisfied with the progress that’s been made in so little time.

However, I thought I’d note one more thing with the killing of the Godoh member: Reiji picked up the knife that the guy was killed with, while the woman was gloved, I wonder when and if someone does a finger print check on the knife, they’ll find Reiji’s – and only Reiji’s – finger prints on it, implicating him, especially since he was the only other one in the room. That could cause some serious problems for both Reiji and Claudia. (By the way, I hope Reiji is flying, cause it’s not a short drive from San Francisco, where is where I think Inferno is HQed, to Las Vegas.  And even if they’re based in LA, it’s still a good drive.)

Meanwhile, I’m not sure we can 100% count out Issac being behind all of this, though there is no evidence of it thus far, other than his general displeasure with Claudia. It seems more likely, to me, that Shiga is going behind the back of the Godoh group to prevent them from working with Inferno, and probably attempting to gain control of the group for himself as well in the process.

One last thing in this already massively long episode review: we finally possibly see some of the reasons behind why Claudia is working with the Godoh group, with the top guy saying that she’ll soon be protected by the entirety of the Godoh group. What, exactly, does this mean? Does this mean that she’s going to use the Godoh group like Issac uses the Bloodies within Inferno, or is she planning on bolting from Inferno altogether? My leaning towards the former, but I’m not 100% sure.


4 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 14

  1. ok the episode was amazing . It gave away alot, the next to take on the name phantom is even greater than the last. And…. EIN IS BAC!!!! well i say its her, even though its basically impossible with the injuries she took even with in that anime realm she is in. I loved her an her savin scythe pissed me off to no end. GO and on a side note claudia is a total whore…. but gee golly what i would do to her….lol

    • I wouldn’t say impossible. One could get shot in the chest area and have it miss anything vital. Difficult to recover from? I’m sure. Impossible? na.

      Claudia being a total whore lol. I guess it should have been expected, considering she’s using her body to keep Reiji happy (or so she thinks)

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