June Web Stats

Here it is again…the post no one but I and a few other people in the known universe care about…the web stats post! Get all the numeric goodness below the fold!  And see a review of stats for the first half of 2009 at the end!


Percent change in ( ) is from May. Percent change in [ ] is from June 2008.

Visits: 17,927 (+28.8%) [+179.8%]
Page Views: 29,652 (+32.2%) [+143.2%]
Absolute Unique Visitors: 14,813 (29.1%) [+183.3%]

That translates into:

Visits/day: 597.6 (+33.2%) [+179.8%]
Page Views/day: 988.4 (+36.7%) [+143.2%]
AUV/day: 493.8 (+33.4%) [+183.3%]

My stats appear to have largely recovered from my hiatus during much of April and May.  The only of the three stats above that aren’t higher than March’s numbers are the number of Page Views, though they are higher than April.

5 busiest days in June (in visits)

  1. June 29 (794)
  2. June 27 (779)
  3. June 30 (701)
  4. June 21 (676)
  5. June 28 (670)

June 29th ended up being the 4th busiest day of the year and June 27th is in the top 10 days of the year.    The visits for each day were actually amazingly consistent this month, with only 3 days in the month getting less than 500 visits.

Top 5 visited posts in June (in pageviews)

  1. Top 10 Anime of 2008 (3,197)
  2. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 10 (1,792)
  3. Spring 2009 Anime Preview (1,775)
  4. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 11 (1,504)
  5. Winter 2009 Anime Preview (1,195)

I guess my Summer anime preview was posted too late to get so many hits to get on the top 5 list, but I’m still amazed how many hits some of the past previews get still.  However, the biggest thing to note here is that Phantom is obviously a fairly popular series this season, given that 5 of the top 10 pages for the month were episode reviews for that series.

In June, there were visits from 138 countries, which is slightly down from the all time high of 140 from May.  21 nations gave me at least 100 visits while 71 gave me at least 10 visits.  Once again, every US state gave me at least one visit in the month, with 18 states giving at least 100 visits.

The number of visitors who used Firefox remained relatively steady at 54.4%, with nearly 95% of Firefox users using some version of Firefox 3.x.  Internet Explorer also stayed relatively steady, with 31.5% of users using that browser, with 25.5% using IE8, 58.8% using IE7, and 15.7% using IE6, which appears to be finally dropping, though is still a depressingly high percentage.  Chrome makes up 5.3% of browsers, 4.4% use Safari, and 3.1% use Opera.

Now, since we’re halfway through the year (already!) it’s a good time to review the totals for the year up to this point:

Visits: 91,432
Page Views: 156,413
Absolute Unique Visitors: 72,249

That translates into:

Visits/day: 505.1
Page Views/day: 864.2
AUV/day: 399.2

The total numbers already beat the numbers for the entire year of 2008, except for Page Views, which is only off by about 2,100, which means I should have passed the total page view total for 2008 on July 3rd.  Of course, this means that the per day averages are currently about twice what they were in 2008.

It looks quite possible, given the normal growth I get per month and assuming that I don’t suddenly go on hiatus again, that 200,000 visits is possible for this year.  I’m already well on my way towards 300,000 page views, though it seems like 400,000 page views is probably out of reach for 2009.  I guess I could go for the goal of hitting 900 page views per day average (which would give me 328,500 total).  I’m also looking at a good chance of hitting 150,000 Absolute Unique Visitors (though I think that stat starts to lose it’s meaning once you go beyond the monthly stats).


2 thoughts on “June Web Stats

    • Haha, it takes time. My first full month of tracking stats with Google – August 2007 – shows me getting a total of 1,480 TOTAL for the month. Pretty far cry from the nearly 20,000 I get now.

      If you haven’t, I’d also recommend signing up to have your posts listed on things like AnimeNano and the animeblogger aggregator (I have links to both on my sidebar). Not only do you get a lot of traffic just from those, but I’m sure it’s a good way for people to discover blogs they never knew about before. I have no doubt that registering with those to have my posts show up has had a lot to do with the growth of my blog

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