Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 13

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 13 and Sakura’s class takes a trip to the zoo, but she soon has to face off against a Clow Card that likes tossing around elephants for fun.

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Sakura’s class takes a trip to the zoo. However, Toya tells Sakura to be careful on the way to school due to the ruckus caused by the King Penguin slide being mysteriously flipped upside down. Sakura ponders if it’s a Clow Card, but decides to ask Kero later.

At the zoo, Sakura is teamed with Tomoyo, Naoko, Chiharu, and Rika to draw the elephants, where she soon finds Kero stowed away in her backpack. Meanwhile, Shaoran is teamed with Yamazaki and others to draw a sloth, where once again Shaoran falls for Yamazaki’s stories about sloths moving at amazing speeds “once they get in the mood.”

Soon they start hearing large crashing sounds, and Kero identifies it as the doings of a Clow Card and they soon start finding that animal cages are being broken and the zoo is evacuated. Sakura and Tomoyo follow the large banging until they find one of the elephants being tossed into the air, which Sakura saves with Windy, and Kero realizes that they’re dealing with the Power card.

Kero tells Sakura that she has to beat Power in a game of strength, so she challenges it to tug of war. She clearly doesn’t fare well until the elephant starts to help out, but even then Power is still winning. Shaoran then shows up and uses Time and pulls the rope out of Power’s grip, allowing Sakura to win. She’s then able to seal the dejected Power card.

However, Tomoyo has one final request for Sakura: to use Power to flip King Penguin back over, and to get a nice picture of it.

I guess there wasn’t anything necessarily special or spectacular about this episode. I guess the one thing it did perhaps show was Shaoran’s willingness to allow Sakura to capture a card without making himself known or otherwise telling Sakura that she wasn’t up to the task, which is a change of pace of what we’ve seen before.

Of course, if Kero keeps popping up unexpected like this episode, he’s going to blow Sakura’s cover again like he did in episode 2 if he doesn’t watch it.

Also, apparently the Japanese OP changes slightly and included Shaoran using his fire magic instead of Sakura’s father flipping pancakes. I never realized this before and I actually don’t believe that version was ever used on the English DVDs (though I’ll make sure to look when I write up the reviews for the next set of episodes (17-20). I just noticed this now when doing the screenshots off of the Japanese HD raws.


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  1. Some epic cheats going on this episode. Oh yeah, that last picture encapsulates CCS perfectly :)

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