Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 01

It’s Sweet Blue Flowers episode 1, and Fumi moves back to her childhood home so that she can attend high school, and ends up running into an old friend in the process.

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Fumi Manjome returns to her childhood home in Kamakura so that she can attend high school at the all-girls Matsuoka Secondary School. However, while she’s waiting at the train station, another girl, Akira Okudaira, or A-chan for short, literally runs into her. Akira, meanwhile, is on her way to her first day at Fujigaya Girl’s Academy, but is annoyed by her dotting brother, who is apparently lazy and has a sister complex.

They both get on the same train, where Fumi gets felt up by a passenger, but Akira notices and stomps on the guy’s foot. Afterward, while they walk towards school – since they get off at the same station as well, Akira tells Fumi that that’s just how one has to deal with perverts on the train.

Fumi seems to get a few friends on her first day at school, including the girl who sits next to her, Yoko Hanatsugi and her two drama club-mates Miwa Motegi and Misako Yasuda. Yoko unsuccessfully attempts to recruit Fumi into the drama club, but the quartet does end up going out for tea at the end of the day. Meanwhile, Akira initially doesn’t appear to get any friends on her first day, until a high-class looking girl named Kyoko Ikumi approaches her and they end up walking together after class.

That evening, guests stop by Akira’s house. However, they end up being Fumi and her mother, as the two girl’s mothers clearly know each other from before, but Fumi and Akira are rather shocked. They soon realize that they were childhood friends when they went to 1st grade together, where Akira teased Fumi even then how she was “quick to cry.” However, Fumi had to move and the two girls lost contact with each other.

Meanwhile, Fumi’s cousin Chizu is living with them for the time being, but Fumi is depressed that Chizu is leaving soon. But that night, Fumi finds out that Chizu is getting married, which just makes her more depressed. The next day at the train station, Akira helps cheer Fumi up after seeing that she’s down.

After the first episode, I am so glad I’m picking this series up not only to watch but blog too. And since it’s being simulcast by Crunchyroll, the only thing keeping me from getting these reviews out fast will either raw availability (which never seems to be much of a problem) or my availability.

In any case, this seemed pretty obvious from the information I got about the show before, but this definitely looks like a show with nary a male in it. Thus far, the only guys I’ve seen are both girl’s fathers and Akira’s siscon brother.

Fumi seems forlorn over Chizu getting married, so it seems that she either has a really bad case of separation anxiety or she’s been holding a secret crush on her cousin. In any case, it seems pretty clear that Fumi is going to be her new object of her attention. This show is described as a yuri show, though that’s not necessarily any signal of how far their relationship may or may not go.

This show’s animation, at least the character animation, appears to be pretty sharp, though some of the backgrounds are washed out and water-color like, though I’m guessing that’s stylistic much like how it was in shows like Koi Kaze. I do seem to like the OP, however.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to more of this show. By the way, Crunchyroll says that this show is only 11 episodes long.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) – Episode 01

  1. “Fumi Banjome returns to her childhood home”

    It’s Manjome, not Banjome.

    “Fumi seems forlorn over Chizu getting married, so it seems that she either has a really bad case of separation anxiety or she’s been holding a secret crush on her cousin.”

    Neither. Fumi and Chizu were a couple (they even had sex, and more than once). So this is more than just Fumi being depressed; she’s also feeling betrayed (well, because she was betrayed).

    • 1) OK, I’ll have to check the Chrunchyroll sub again and, admittadely they may not be perfect, they had Banjome, but I’ll double check to see what I can hear.

      2) I’m pretty sure the extent of their relationship wasn’t made that clear in the anime. at least not yet. I’ve not read any manga or anything that this is based on, so I’m not going to put anything that isn’t in the show itself

    • You appear to be right about Manjome. The one place I just happened to copy down her last name was the one place in the episode where the teacher mis-pronounced it lol. I usually take notes on paper while watching and refer back to them when writing the reviews so I just hadn’t noticed I had copied it down wrong. So thanks for noticing that one.

      For the Chizu thing again, I re watched the episode, and while I definitely think the hints are there for what you say, it’s still not stated, at least yet.

    • The Fumi x Chizu relationship seems like spoilers to me. 98% of the first episode was pretty much yuri free.

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