Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 13

It’s Phantom episode 13, and Reiji drags Cal around due to her claim that she witnessed what happened. However, Issac finds out and isn’t too pleased that Reiji has been hiding Cal from everyone else.

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Issac is pissed that someone was able to pull off the assassination from the last episode on his turf and demands that those responsible are found. Meanwhile, Cal has doubts that Reiji can avenge her friend Judy’s death, but Reiji assures her that his “friend” will be able to do the job. Cal insists on getting deeper, and while Reiji initially refuses, Cal’s finally convinces him to let her see his “friend” as well as let her crash at his place that night (since she got kicked out of her apartment).

Reiji calls Lizzie so she can pose as his friend, while at the same time, Lizzie is rather amused by the great Phantom Reiji being led around by a little girl. That night, Cal explains to Reiji that Judy wasn’t her real sister: Cal had run away from home and Judy took her in as a result.

Meanwhile, Issac runs into Lizzie and isn’t all too happy that she’s out also investigating on his turf, and brings her along with him to Reiji’s place to see Cal. However, Reiji refuses to let Issac see her, despite his insistence. Issac then tells Reiji to come to headquarters the next day so that he and Claudia can “tell McGuire everything.”

Cal overhears all this, and thus Reiji is able to get her to tell him what she knows that night. However, the only thing she can tell him is that she and Judy were out walking, and a stray bullet hit Judy out of the dark. Cal’s also able to guess who Reiji really is from his conversation with Issac. She then reveals that she is the one lugging around the missing $5 million, dumping it all in front of Reiji and begging him to kill the people who killed Judy.

The next morning, Mr. McGuire demands an explanation of what’s been going on. Reiji explains that he prevented Issac from talking to her because he didn’t want to “spoil” her: he saw in her a special talent, a desire to kill, and a soul with no place to go. In other words, someone who would make a perfect assassin. Despite Issac’s protests, Mr. McGuire reluctantly agrees to allow Reiji to train Cal.

Well, from the best I could tell, this is what happened: Issac found out about Cal via Lizzie and was probably going to do several unspeakable things to Cal in order to get her to “talk.” Realizing this, Reiji did whatever he could do to keep Issac from getting his hands on her.

Of course, this just raised Issac’s already high suspicions about Reiji and Claudia even further, resulting in his demanding that Reiji explain what’s going on to Mr. McGuire. Realizing that Cal was probably in even more peril now, Reiji did about the only thing he could think of: coming up with an excuse for Inferno not to tear Cal apart physically and/or mentally, and his best excuse was that she had potential to be an assassin.

I’m still not totally clear if Reiji even really believed what he was telling Mr. McGuire, but he’s basically put himself in a position to where he has to train Cal as an assassin lest they both literally get the axe now.

Of course, we’re still heading down a road towards an ultimate confrontation between Issac and Claudia, though so far it isn’t looking good for Issac in that regard as he appears to be losing most of the arguments within Inferno up to this point.

Also, I think this episode pretty much confirms that the shadowy figure in the last episode was not Cal, which just makes me think all the more that it was Ein, acting under orders of Godoh’s second in command who had shown such distaste for working with Claudia. After all, it has been something like 9 months since she was shot. If she did survive her wounds, I’d imagine that she could very well be healed by then. I’m also figuring that we’re going to see a time jump of probably a few years in not too long. I doubt Cal will stay the age she is forever in the series.