Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 11

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 11, and Tomoyo invites Sakura over to her house to ask her about a locked box that won’t open.

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Tomoyo invites Sakura to her house because Tomoyo has a “problem.” This is Sakura’s first time visiting Tomoyo’s house, and of course finds it to be a huge mansion that takes up (at least) the entire block. Tomoyo shows Sakura around, including showing Sakura her huge room…and private rear-projector video room.

Hearing that Sakura was visiting, Sonomi rushes home and invites Sakura to have some tea and cake outside. While they’re gone, Kero senses a Clow Card in Tomoyo’s room. Once Sakura and Tomoyo returns, Tomoyo shows Sakura a box that won’t open, even repelling the key meant to unlock it. It’s been probelmatic because the box contains something precious to both Sonomi and Tomoyo.

Sakura and Kero try to figure out what’s in the box, until Sakura tries to tap the box with her staff and see a protective shielding around the card. Kero identifies it as the Shield card – a card that instinctively protects important items. Kero tells Sakura that she can cut through Shield with Sword, which she does, allowing her to seal the Shield card.

Afterward, we find that the item that was precious to Sonomi is Nadeshiko’s bridal bouquet. The item important to Tomoyo ends up being an eraser that Sakura gave to her on the day they first met.

Once again we get a nice background info, where there is a nice easy Clow Card to capture which is more incidental to the episode as anything. We learn more about Nadeshiko, such as the fact that she was “as far removed from the word ‘agility’ as you can get,” as Sonomi put it.

We also learn that Nadeshiko and Fujitaka first met when Nadeshiko fell on him after falling out of a tree when returning a chick to it’s nest. We also learn that Nadeshiko loved Sakura flowers, and always wanted to name a girl Sakura if she ever had one. That also explains what Sonomi meant when she said in the last episode that she “should have known” who Sakura’s father was when Tomoyo had told her that her name was Sakura.

Two of the last three episodes have now given Sakura fairly related and possibly useful cards in Sword and Shield.


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  1. “It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 11, and Tomoyo invites Sakura over to her house to ask her about a locked box that won’t open.”

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