Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 11

It’s Phantom episode 11, and this episode is largely a review episode of what has occurred so far, but we also start learning about Claudia’s past and motivations as well.

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The first 2/3 fot his episode is mostly a review of what has already occurred in the first 10 episodes of the series. However, we do see a couple new nuggets. Two smaller nuggets include Claudia finding Scythe Master’s plan to train Reiji as reckless but “necessary” and final confirmation that Claudia betrayed Scythe Master because he was “no longer needed.”

However, perhaps a more important piece of information was a bit on Claudia’s background. Apparently, she and Lizzie were part of a gang 4 years prior, which was pretty much wiped out by a rival gang. This event lead to the death of Claudia’s husband, drove Lizzie to be as good as she could be, since she felt that she was useless during that fight, and is the driving force behind Claudia joining Inferno so that she may “get back what she lost” and what was taken from her.

After this, we jump 3 months ahead, where Inferno is already working to take control of the major east coast mafia groups, having already successfully taken over groups in Boston and Philadelphia. Claudia is still in charge of most of Inferno’s mafia-busting operations, though Mr. McGuire appears to be keeping a closer watch on her than he did on Scythe Master, and Isaac, one of the other top members of Inferno, appears even less trusting.

Meanwhile, Scythe Master has escaped to Japan, where he now appears to be aligned with the very gang – the Godoh Group – that Claudia used to betray him.

Finally, Inferno finally bestows on Reiji the title of Phantom – the title given to the best assassin in the organization.

Well, review episodes for the most part suck, but at least we did get some new information which made this episode overall worthwhile, mostly involving Claudia’s motivations and a hint of her ultimate plans which appear to be to ultimately take control of Inferno, though I’m not totally sure for what purpose yet.

Also, despite the events of the last episode, Claudia still has the conditional confidence of Mr. McGuire, though I have a feeling that Isaac is soon going to make his own move against her (a move that he is likely to regret).

I’m also curious as to what Scythe Master is doing in Japan, especially with the group that was used to help run him out of Inferno.


7 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 11

  1. What the hell? You didn’t mention Ein’s death? I can;t believe you didn’t mention something so crucial.

    • Mainly because it happened in the last episode. I discuss that event to some extent in the episode 10 review I believe

  2. I figured Romero was her brother since they have the same surname and look so alike…. plus i don’t think Ein is dead she can’t be! the whole story is gonna die otherwise it’ll probably be some dramatic reunion between reiji and Ein

    • Heh, I didn’t even consider the possibility of him being her brother, but I guess that’s quite possible as well. I just got the vibe when I watched it of lover/husband but I guess now that you mention it, that was never totally established

    • Of course Ein is not dead. At least that is not what supposed to happen, unless creators are aiming for Claudia’s magnificent ending or Cal’s. Though, my guess is that it will not be the case this time considering the promo pictures I have seen.

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