Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 10

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 10, and it’s time for the athletic festival, but one particular Clow Card decides to celebrate a bit too much.

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It’s the athletic festival at Tomoeda Elementary, something which Sakura greatly enjoys due to her athletic prowess. As one of the final student events, she and Shaoran compete in an obstacle course, in which they both race neck and neck until Shaoran trips just before the finish line due to getting distracted by Yukito.

While, Sakura, Tomoyo, Shaoran, Toya, and Yukino are eating lunch, both Sakura’s father and Tomoyo’s mother show up, revealing that they each know each other fairly well. It’s revealed that Sakura’s father, Fujitaka, was a young teacher and her mother, Nadeshiko, was a 16 year old student of his when they got married. However, Sonomi, Tomoyo’s mother, was Nadeshiko’s cousin and grew up with her, and blames Fujitaka for Nadeshiko dying when she was only 27.

Meanwhile, Sonomi and Fujitaka both enter the 100 meters race for parents. Sonomi apparently went to the track and field national championships in high school, but Fujitaka is still faster than her.

However, soon flowers start falling and accumulating at a rapidly accelerating pace, and Sakura decides to check out to see if it’s a Clow Card (while Yamazaki prevents Shaoran from doing so due to being on infirmiry duty). Sakura calls Kero, who tells Sakura that it is the doing of the Flower card – a card that is attracted to fun things and tries dancing with Sakura, but despite this, Sakura is still able to seal Flower relatively easily.

Afterward, Sakura and Tomoyo see Sonomi and Fujitaka arguing again, so Sakura uses Flower to float down Nadeshiko flowers in front of both of them, helping to ease the tension. Tomoyo then tells Sakura that her mother always talked about her cousin named Nadeshiko, and the reason why Sonomi wanted Tomoyo to grow her hair long was because it reminded her of Nadeshiko.

I’ve finally caught up to the current HD re-airing of the series now.  They must have taken a week break somewhere because, based on when they started, they should be on episode 11 by now but the official schedule says that episode 10 airs today, so episode 10 it is.  I’ll do my best to put these up weekly on the day that episode airs in Japan.

We learned quite a bit in this episode, with the capture of the Clow Card being rather incidental to these revelations in the episode. First, it’s revealed that Tomoyo’s mother, Sonomi, was Sakura’s mother’s, Nadeshiko, cousin. I don’t think we’re really told what level of cousin they are, but that would mean Tomoyo and Sakura are also cousins at some level. However, given that Nadeshiko and Sonomi had the same maiden name probably means that they were relatively close cousins – something like 1st or 2nd cousins, making Sakura and Tomoyo 2nd or 3rd cousins.

We also learn that Nadeshiko died when she was 27, which means she had Sakura when she was 24, since we were already told that she died when Sakura was 3. I believe Toya is in 11th grade, which would make him 17 now, or 7 years older than Sakura, meaning that Nadeshiko had him when she was 17. If she were still alive, Nadeshiko would be 34 years old, meaning that Sonomi is probably roughly that same age (and thus pretty impressive that she’s already the President of a company).

While I believe we had already learned that Fujitaka was a college professor, I believe this is the first time that we’re told that he teaches archaeology.

Also, this episode brings up one of the never revealed mysteries of Cardcaptor Sakura: where, exactly, is Tomoyo’s father? As Sakura says, she never mentions him, and she never does mention him throught the entire series. He doesn’t appear to be at home whenever Sakura visits Tomoyo’s house either. I think the general consensus is that Sonomi is divorced or something along those lines, but we never are told that I’m aware of, in either the anime or manga.

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