Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 09

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 9, and Sakura has to deal with one of her friends getting taken control of by a rather dangerous Clow Card.

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Sakura is still feeling down from Shaoran crapping on her the night before, and he rebufs Sakura’s attempt to thank him for giving her advice from the night before. However, she does remark that she had dreamt about his ceremonial clothes, which at least makes Shaoran admit that she has enough magic powers to have foretelling dreams.

This doesn’t cheer Sakura up very much, so to cheer her up, Tomoyo comes up with a plan to go visit a nice shop with her and Rika. While there, the three of them spot some brooches that they all buy.

They all visit Sakura’s house afterward, where they put on their broaches. However, when Rika puts on her sword-style broach, a sword suddenly appears in her hand and she inexplicably starts attacking Sakura with it. Kero suddenly rushes downstairs because he feels a Clow Card and identifies the card as the Sword card.

Kero explains that Sword allows anyone who uses it to become a master swordsman, with it’s power determined by the will of the person using it, and that it’s currently controlling Rika’s mind. Suddenly Shaoran shows up, but Sakura prevents him from attacking Rika. Kero says if only Rika would let go of the sword for an instant, then the spell on her would be lifted.

Sakura then decides to use Illusion to show Rike an image of “the one she cares for most.” This distracts Rika for long enough for Sakura to knock the sword out of Rika’s hand, allowing her to seal it away.

This was a nice episode after the last one because, other than one save by Shaoran, Sakura was able to capture the card all by herself (regardless of how much Shaoran tried to explain it away by saying that it was an “easy” card to catch).

This episode we have yet another smart resolution by Sakura, by distracting Rika with Illusion so that she’d loosen her grip on Sword. I’m almost certain I’ve said this before, but the fact that Sakura has to come up with different ways to deal with cards is something which I really like about this series.

We also get more humerous Shaoran-shyness around Yukino, something which Tomoyo has caught onto quickly by telling Sakura that “she has a rival in love and in Clow cards”


3 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 09

  1. Hooooeeeeee! :)

    I think this was the first episode I ever saw of CCS, albeit the bastardized hack that ran on Kids WB years ago. Not until I watched the Nelvana dub of the first movie and the original side-by-side did I understand the extent to which “Cardcaptors” was changed.

    • I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but I decided to try to watch the first episode on youtube lol. I forgot that their voices are like, totally way too old sounding for their age and, like, stuff.

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