Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 10

It’s Phantom episode 10, and Reiji is sent with a team of Inferno members to hunt down Scythe Master. However, Ellen’s loyalty to Scythe Master and the Inferno member’s distrust of Reiji throw the mission into jeopardy.

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We learn that Scythe Master’s real name is Dr. Giuseppe, who used to work for the Russians and is now, having been reunited with Ein/Ellen, is in contact with an old Russian buddy who is a small weapons dealer. Claudia decides to send Reiji on a mission to assassinate Scythe Master, but Lizzie strongly protests.

While at a pier, Ellen starts to ask Scythe Master a question, but he slaps her for breaking her absolute obedience to him. Meanwhile, he’s set up a trap for the Inferno team sent to take him out.

Once the team arrives, Lizzie points her gun at Reiji pondering whether to kill him there, so Reiji empties his gun of all but one bullet, saying that’s all he’ll need to kill Scythe. The team falls into Scythe Master’s trap and are caught in a gunfight, but Reiji is able to escape to hunt Scythe Master, but he soon runs into Ellen.

Reiji asks Ellen to come back to him, but Scythe Master shows up and shoots at him, grazing him with a bullet. Scythe Master tells Ellen to kill Reiji, but Lizzie shows up shooting and Scythe Master and Ellen get away and run towards an escape boat. Lizzie follow and tries to hold off Lizzie, but her previous would starts bleeding again.

Meanwhile, Reiji tracks down Scythe Master. Scythe hears footsteps on the top of some crates he’s running through and shoots the person. However, once the man falls he finds that it’s his old buddy. Knowing he’s screwed, Scythe tries to run towards the boat while Reiji follows. Ellen catches up but her gun jams. Reiji shoots at the same time that Ellen runs in front of Scythe, getting shot in the chest and falling into the ocean. Scythe then shoots Reiji several times and also falls into the ocean, later to get washed up on the beach.

Well, I tried Funimation. I had been using your service to watch this, but since you apparently don’t know what Security is, it’s been down for several days. I start using it again when (if?) it comes back online, but in the meantime…it’s back to the funsubs.

Also, one note, despite what Funimation had last week – and I thought this was odd at the time but didn’t think very much of it – Ein’s new name appears to be Ellen not “Eren.” I know rs and ls can be tricky but I would have thought that a supposedly professional translator that Funimation uses would have caught that.

OK, now that I’ve got that out of the way, um, wow. I think I said this a couple episodes ago, but it’s even more true for this episode: this is definitely like Nijuu Mensou episode 6 in that basically all your expectations go out the window because pretty much everyone is either dead, shot up, or otherwise screwed.

Given that this is a 24 episode series, Reiji will obviously live, considering he was only shot in the shoulder, albeit several times. However, it’s be a lot tougher for Ellen to survive. She was shot right through the chest in the heart area. Whether she was actually shot through the heart or not, I don’t know. If she was, she’s pretty much a goner. If it was a close call, then I suppose she could still feasibly resurface.

Given the fact that OPs and EDs can sometimes give hints or spoilers, I think the visuals in the ending especially may give us a clue, We see at least two images of females which aren’t dressed obviously as Ellen, but which may very well be Ellen (I think most significant the girl in the crosswalk). This may suggest that we may very well see Ellen again later. After all, despite what we see, we don’t have a true “He’s dead, Jim” moment about Ellen in this episode.

I’m guessing that fact or belief that Ellen died will probably make Reiji go beserk and decide to go after everyone. My guess is tracking down Scythe Master is going to still be his top priority. Will he try to go after Claudia and Lizzie too, however? And one has to wonder how much trouble Claudia will be in due to the fact that the mission suffered catestrophic failure, with pretty much only Lizzie surviving and Scythe Master still getting away. Oops!


3 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 10

  1. I can not believe they’d kill off Ellen/Ein this early in a 24 episodes series (by the way, had no idea it was that long, which is awesome). I’m certain she’ll resurface, perhaps 8-10 episodes later, after they think we’ve forgoten about her or given up all hope of her returning.

    Still loving the show though. I agree, I tried to go legit with this show, but couldn’t wait for Funi any longer. Oh well.

  2. I love that you’ve made it too long. I’ve got all the information BABE!!!
    PLEEEAAASSSE!!! do it with naruto.

  3. uhm, i understand your quam with the whole ellen eren deal but its just the japanese pronounciation and its left like that in the sub. Much like Code Geass’s Karen = Kallen, this Ellen to eren is very reasonable and in my opinion well done. Funimation is a big company as you mentioned and i doubt they would pay a translator to make such a mishap on the official site, or atleast discontinue using the version spelling after this episode, which clearly isnt the case.

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