Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 08

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 8, and a mysterious boy from Hong Kong shows up, demanding that Sakura give him all her Clow Cards.

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Sakura has a repeat of the dream she had before discovering the Clow Cards, but this time it includes a boy she doesn’t wearing Chinese clothes – seemingly the same shadowy figure from the end of the last episode. Kero wonders if Sakura is having foretelling dreams due to her magical powers and that she might soon meet that boy.

At school that day, a new transfer student joins Sakura’s class – Shaoran Li – who stares down Sakura from the moment he enters the room, and ends up being assigned the seat behind her.

Once class lets out, Shaoran pulls out some sort of board, which shoots a beam of light right at Sakura, which tells him that Sakura has Clow Cards in her possession and demands that she hand them over to him. When she refuses, he tries to forcefully take them away. When Toya, whose school is next door to Sakura’s, sees this, he jumps over the fence to confront Shaoran. However, suddenly Yukito shows up, inexplicably causing Shaoran to lose his composure, causing him to run away.

On Sakura and Tomoyo’s way home, there is a sudden burst of lightning right near them, but it doesn’t rain, and it seems to go away as soon as it came. Once she gets home, Sakura tells Kero about Shaoran, and Kero figures that he’s a member of the Li family, which is the family that the mother of Clow Reed – the man who created the Clow Cards – was a part of.

However, the strange lightning then returns, so Sakura, Kero, and Tomoyo go to see if it’s a Clow Card, and Kero soon identifies it as the Thunder card. While out, they run into Shaoran who is trying to capture Thunder as well, and turns it into it’s original form using his own magic. Shaoran tells Sakura to use the Shadow card, which allows her to capture and seal Thunder. However, afterward, he tells Sakura that she’s incapable of an incompetent at capturing Clow Cards.

Well, Sakura gets a rival, and boy is he an ass. Shaoran first tries to forcibly take the cards from Sakura and then tells her in pretty much no uncertain terms that he thinks that Sakura is weak and stupid. And while we don’t really know if Shaoran is really more powerful than Sakura – though he is capable at using his own form of magic – it’s obvious that Shaoran is more knowledgeable about Clow Cards than Sakura is, at least directly, though obviously with Kero there she has a lot of the same knowledge at her fingertips.

Of course, one of the question is…how will Shaoran be able to capture Clow Cards for himself if you can only seal them away with the sealing staff, and Sakura is in possession of that?

One more note from this episode: Shaoran appears to confirm that, at least up until this point, the same amount of time has passed in the series as it has in “real life” with 2 months going by in the series and this been the 8th episode – and thus 8th week – of the series.