Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 07

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 7, and it’s time for Sakura to have her own night at the museum.

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Sakura takes a class trip to a local museum for her art class and she and Tomoyo stake out a place to sit and draw. Once Sakura is done drawing, Chiharu waves to her to join them on in the courtyard. However, on her way, Sakura runs into a boy being carried away by one of the museum guards for trying to do something to one of the paintings.

During the ruckus the painting appears to move and Sakura isn’t able to hear anything. Sakura tells Tomoyo about the occurrence, and she suggests that it might be a Clow Card. As a result, Sakura, Kero, and Tomoyo decide to sneak into the museum that night (with the aid of a security schedule Tomoyo somehow got a hold of) , with Kero suspecting the card to be the Silent card – a card that hates loud noises, and thus might like it in the museum.

Once inside the museum, they spot someone wondering around, and after unsuccessfully trying to scare them away, they find it to be the boy from before, named Yuki. Yuki tells Sakura that he’s there to “restore” the painting because it used to be a painting of him, but someone painted over it with the woman. It’s especially important to him because it’s the last painting his father did to him before he died.

Sakura tries to seal the card, but Silent repeatedly ejects them from the museum, becoming increasingly intolerant of any sound at all around it. Finally Sakura gets the idea to “extend” her shadow into the building using the Shadow card to seal the card. Afterward, when they see the painting, they realize that Yuki is a girl and not a boy.

Meanwhile, a shadowly figure stands over them, remarking that he senses a Clow Card…

Yet another episode where the ultimate solution to capturing a tricky Clow Card is Sakura having to use her brain to think of a way to resolve the situation – this time by using Shadow to get into the museum without actually “getting in.”

And of course, Sakura appears to finally get a possible rival at the end of this episode with the “shadowy figure,” something she hasn’t had to deal with as of yet.