Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 06

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 6, and there are rumors of a ghost hanging out in the woods behind the school. However, Sakura is shocked to learn that the ghost might be of her own mother.

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Naoko tells Sakura and Chiharu about a story of her following a glowing ball into the woods which turned into a ghost. Chiharu decides to gather Rika and have everyone go check it out after school, which Sakura doesn’t like since she doesn’t like scary things, resulting in her begging Tomoyo to come with her. However, when the five girls go and see the strange occurrence, they all see different things, with Sakura seeing the shape of a woman.

After Tomoyo calls Sakura and tells her that Chiharu went with another group of girls to see the ghost, resulting in them all tripping over each other to get away, Sakura and Kero decide to head out to see whether it’s a Clow Card or not.

The light shows up again and Sakura follows it with fly. The woman appears again, but this time Sakura recognizes the woman as her mother. Kero tries to follow Sakura but is repelled by some sort of field. Sakura follows the woman, who ends up leading her off a cliff. However “someone” catches her and slows her fall enough for Yukino to see and catch Sakura.

Once Sakura gets back home, Kero says she doesn’t want Sakura to go again because he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but Sakura says she’ll check it out again because she’s worried why her mother might be in those woods. So the trio head out to the woods again and this time all three see Sakura’s mother.

Once again the image of her mother leads Sakura off the cliff, but this time Sakura realizes that her mother would never do something to hurt her, and she activates fly before she hits the ground. When she challenges the image, a strange pattern starts to replace it and Kero identifies it as a Clow Card, so Sakura seals it. Afterward, she sees that it’s the Illusion card, a card which, as Kero explains, shows what someone wants to see.

Well, Sakura had told us int he first episode that her mother died when she was still very young, but this is the first episode to really address the situation of her mother dying. As part of that, as much as Sakura may say otherwise, she does miss her mother, and we also learn that Toya has been able to see their mother before, though she apparently hasn’t showed up recently.

We also hear a little about Kero talking about his “true form,” which Kero tells Sakura that she’ll have to gather at least the Fire and Earth cards before he can transform into his true form.

Also, I think this may be the first time I noticed, but I never noticed that the vision of Sakura’s mother than Illusion showed her didn’t have a ring while the real ghost did have one. It’s easily missed, but it’s a nice touch.

And of course, who can object to getting a double-dose of new costumes for Sakura, especially to help make up for the lack of any new one in the last episode.