Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 05

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 5, and a new shop is opening in town. However, mysterious things start happening right away regarding some of the shop’s items.

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Sakura and her friends check out a store, Twin Bells, that has just opened in Tomoeda. While there, a stuffed panda randomly bounces out of it’s box and lands at Sakura’s friend’s Chiharu’s feet. She takes it home, only to have it disappear only immediately.

After school the next day, Sakura and Tomoyo stop by the shop again and see that stuffed panda is back. The store owner, Maki, then tells them that similar things happened in the old town that she worked, and it got so bad that people thought she was the thief and she had to leave.

Sakura asks Kero if he thinks it might be a Clow Card’s doing, but he’s not sure what type of Clow card would hang out with stuffed animals, but agrees to check it out. Tomoyo goes back into the store first to distract Maki by asking her to show her how she made her tea, allowing Sakura and Kero to sneak in to inspect the store.

Kero feels a Clow Card, but once they find the stuffed panda, the Clow Card’s presence is no longer inside it. Finally, they find it: a pink rabbit-looking thing, which Kero identifies as the Jump card, but it jumps out of the store, bringing most of the stuffed animals along with it.

Jump tries attacking Sakura and Kero with the stuffed animals, which isn’t too effective. Sakura tries catching it with Wood, but Jump is able to break free and it creates a giant version of itself using all the stuffed animals. However, after chasing around Sakura a bit, the giant collection collapses it’s own weight, knocking Jump out, making it an easy capture for Sakura.

Well, I guess besides the fact that Jump became way too big for the number of stuffed animals that could have been in the shop, this was a pretty decent episode. I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Sakura’s other friends Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko at any real length. And while we’ve gotten hints about it before, we get another idea of how athletic Sakura is, which I’m sure comes in handy when chasing after Clow Cards all the time.

Of course, this is an important episode since Sakura collects the Jump card which, perhaps next to Fly, is her most utilized card in the entire series, and comes in quite handy at times, despite it’s apparently mischievous personality.

And speaking of personality, we’d already seen some of it before, but I like all of Sakura’s little quirky personality traits, such as her “rivalry” with her brother and her occasional grumpyness towards Kero (though most of that is justified too).  I think it makes Sakura a much, much fuller and deeper character than many characters you see in other shows who basically have a couple of personality traits, and then they rarely if ever deviate from those.   And even though Cardcaptor Sakura is more than a decade old (and actually, the first season re-airing is occuring on the idential weekends 11 years later from it’s original broadcast), it’s still sometimes a breath of fresh air when it comes to some of these things.

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