Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 08

It’s Phantom episode 8, and all hell breaks loose as Claudia’s plan to double-cross Scythe Master goes into effect.

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Once at Claudia’s place, Zwei asks to be excused, but Claudia tells him that there is something even more important than his mission – and holds up his passport. Zwei is obviously tempted to look at it, but is afraid of the consequences, as he’s been able to survive to that point by being a mindless assassin who doesn’t remember who is was. However, Claudia tells him that Inferno is about to be reborn, and she wants Zwei as a subordinate who thinks of his own free will.

Zwei finally looks at the passport and sees that his name is Reiji Azuma, and suddenly all his past memories return to him. Claudia then gives him a choice: to join her as her loyal subordinate or return to Japan, and lets him go to think about it. However, as much as he’ like to, Zwei doesn’t think that he can return back home, given all that he’s done.

Meanwhile, Ein is on her mission to backup an assault on a cocaine shipment. However, those conducting the shipment turn out to be Lizzie and Inferno, resulting in Ein starting to take out Inferno members, with the help of an assault by the other gang that Claudia was meeting with in the last episode. Lizzie chases Ein down and shoots her, but Ein is able to get away.

While Zwei is out, he returns to the compound and finds a wounded Ein there, and treats her wound. Meanwhile, Claudia calls him and says that Scythe Master has betrayed Inferno and that he and Ein are now his enemies, and should he choose to side with them, he’ll be targeted by Inferno as well. However, Zwei can’t just leave Ein and decides to run away from Inferno with her.

Well, I figured something big was going to happen this episode, but I didn’t think it would be this dramatic. This is on par with Twenty Faces “dying” early on in The Daughter of Twenty Faces and everything you thought the series would be after watching the early episodes turns out to not be the case. And I like it (just as long as it doesn’t go on some of the downright weird twists and turns that Twenty Faces did).

Now that Ein and Zwei are on the run – something which Claudia doesn’t seem too concerned with, if not outright happy with – I presume that the most immediate story points are going to be Zwei, or I guess I should start calling him Reiji now, trying to figure out Ein’s true identity, as well as running away from Inferno, especially Lizzie since Claudia told her to find Reiji if he chooses to run with Ein.

As for Claudia herself – she obviously doesn’t care much for, well, anyone, as her trap risked getting her supposed friend Lizzie killed by Ein, and I’m sure she’d use Reiji for as long as he was useful then dispose of him. But as I noted above, she didn’t seem too upset that Reiji had decided to run, which makes me wonder if that was part of her plan all along, and if so, to what end? Is she hoping that Reiji and Ein ultimately destroy Inferno, and hope that that’s her own way to personally get out of the organization as well? And what about Scythe Master. I doubt he stands much of a chance without Ein around, but we never did see what happened to him.

In any case, this series just got quite a bit more interesting.


3 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 08

  1. I don’t understand why you keep saying “Claudia’s plan to double-cross Scythe Master”, when the entire time it’s Scythe Master who is double crossing, not just Claudia, but all of Inferno.

    • I’m pretty sure this has all been Claudia’s planning. Claudia is the one who gave Scythe Master the mission for Ein in the first place in the last episode, right? And oh so conveniently gave the mission to Lizzie and the other Inferno members who happened to be targeted by her, and so oh conveniently pulled Zwei out of the operation so that, if he chose to be with her, would have a solid alibi sparing him from Inferno.

      On top of this, Claudia appears to have planned well ahead to reveal to Zwei who he really was (note her holding his passport all the way back at the start of episode 3). Also, Claudia appears to be setting Scythe Master up with McGwire at the end of the last episode.

      The only things we’ve seen from Scythe Master are him agreeing to whatever plan he thought he was getting from Claudia by saying it would be a good chance to see Ein in action, and him saying that Claudia seems infatuated with Zwei, but neither of them seem to point to him being the one to decide to rebel against Inferno, especially in the face of all the evidence that it was all a set up by Claudia.

  2. There’s another proof this is all Claudia’s doing.

    Pay attencion to that “unknown” group who went to steal Inferno’s shipment. Even masked, the leader looked exactly like Goro, that japanese mafia dude Claudia was negociating some time before, at the restaurant.

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