Candy Boy – Episode 7 [END]

It’s the final episode of Candy Boy, episode 7, and in this full-sized episode, Kana continues to struggle about her future, and her over-reliance on Yuki.

Also, sorry for the subs on some of the screenshots. The only raw was really crappy and the only sub was hard subbed so, yeah, sorry, I tried to work around them as much as I could.

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Yuki starts working at a bakery to start saving money to help Kana attend an Arts prep school, which would give Kana a better chance of getting into an Arts college. However, Kana still has reservations about it, because Yuki still has to study herself, and Kana still doesn’t like the idea of Yuki working to pay for her schooling. Kana also says that the financial problem isn’t the only problem, since if she goes to the prep school lab, she’ll have almost no time left to spend with Yuki.

One day when Yuki and Kana are walking home from school, they find Shizuku sitting in front of their dorm, having traveled there to see them over their break. While the twins are off to class, Shizuku finds a paper regarding the prep school Kana wants to attend, and confronts Kana about it, noting that’s why Yuki has started working and chides Kana for relying too much on Yuki.

That night, Kana waits for Yuki to get off work and tells Yuki that she’s going to do the mini-lab instead of the full prep school lab course. They then eat some pastries that Yuki brought from work, when Yuki gets some stuck to the side of her mouth, which Kana then, er, takes care of.

I watched this episode twice before writing this, and I think I’m maybe 75% sure of what’s going on, but I’m not 100% sure. I understand that Kana wants to go to an arts lab to help her get into an arts college and Yuki has been working to help pay for it – something which Kana doesn’t like. However, I’m trying to figure out how doing the mini-lab helps. I mean, yeah, it probably costs less, but unless she’s going to have her parents pay for it, then isn’t there still the same problem? I’m kind of assuming that’s the situation, but it was never really stated outright.

Perhaps if I understood exactly what was going on in that respect, I would have liked the episode better, but since the story in this episode was Kana’s over-reliance on Yuki, and I couldn’t tell that Kana did anything decisive to break from that dependence, I’m not sure this episode was as strong as it could have been.

In any case, this wraps up this series – one that took a full year to release 7 episodes. Hopefully I’ll have a full review up for it in not too long of time.


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