Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 07

It’s Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom episode 7, and Scythe Master and Claudia start to plot against each other using Ein and Zwei.

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Claudia meets with Scythe Master to arrange a final mission for Ein and Zwei before they’re switched to East Coast operations, wanting to use them to “settle a persona score” so that the leaders of Inferno can become indebted to her. Scythe Master agrees to it as it will further display the abilities of his assassins.

Claudia then continues her infatuation with Zwei, letting him drive her (very expensive) car around while she meets with some people to organize a drugs-for-arms trade deal. Claudia’s being all over Zwei hasn’t been missed by Scythe Master either, who warns Ein about it, but she says it isn’t a concern as she can still complete missions on her own.

She then has a flashback about how Zwei got into the situation he’s in: he was just an innocent bystander who witnessed one of Ein’s assassinations. As a result, Ein went after him, but he was able to fight her off to an extent. He ended up hiding in a building, and was eventually caught, but ended up losing consciousness while trying to escape again, which is the last that happened before the start of the series, apparently.

Finally, it’s time for Ein and Zwei to back up Inferno members who are going to hijack a shipment of cocaine when Claudia suddenly orders Zwei to be her bodyguard again that night, leaving Ein alone to accomplish the task.

So things are starting to heat up in this episode, as Claudia appears to be plotting against Scythe Master, seemingly with the approval of Mr. McGwuire. I’m not sure what Claudia’s plan is supposed to be exactly: to have the mission fail and then blame it on Ein, and in extension Scythe Master, leaving her with Zwei, or what. That seems to be a fairly risky bet to make, however. And even if it works, Scythe Master may have something up his sleeve such as…Mr. McGwire double-crossing Claudia and siding with him, for example.

It definitely seems that Claudia wants Zwei for herself (much like how Scythe Master disturbingly fawns over Ein), but to what ends I don’t now. Is it just personal or a way to try to get out of Inferno? Next episode we should see the actual mission Ein is on and we may get a better idea of where this arc is headed. This seems rather early to axe one of the main characters, but it seems like that’s where we may be heading. Or maybe we’ll end this arc with an increasingly chilly cold war between Claudia and Scythe Master.