Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 05

It’s Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom episode 5, and Zwei is sent on a particularly nasty mission as Inferno tries to strong arm a fellow LA mafia group.

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Inferno demands to be given/buy Melanie Square, a theme park and casino from the Stone family mafia in LA, one of the last “clean” mafias (that is to say, as clean as a mafia group can be) in LA. However, the mafia’s leader, Tony, continues to refuse to hand over the property to Inferno, despite Inferno’s escalating threats.

Claudia comes by during Ein and Zwei’s training and offers Zwei two jobs – the first is to be her bodyguard to “keep her company” for the night, and the other is to “watch over” a certain mother and child. Zwei accepts without question, but Claudia tells him that he isn’t a doll and he should ask and understand why he’s given certain jobs.

Tony’s men report back with confusing information about what Inferno is, but Tony figures that they’re a new group with extensive mafia ties and decides to set up a meeting with them, in hopes of negotiating, but if that doesn’t work, to assert themselves as a group that shouldn’t be trifled with.

At the meeting, Claudia reasserts Inferno’s demand to be given Melanie Square, but Tony once again refuses and his mafia charges into the room and open fire. Claudia and Lizzie take cover behind a wall and Ein starts sniping Stone mafia members. Meanwhile, Zwei is sent to assassinate Tony’s wife and son to show that no one messes with Inferno – a job that gives him a serious case of the glazed over green eyes.

Well, as long as Ein and Zwei were mostly picking off people who were already bad guys, like mafia bosses and arms dealers, they were credibly held up as mostly sympathetic characters. However, now that they’re going out and shooting up innocent women and children, their sympathy level has basically bottomed out.

While before I probably would have been fine with a “yay! we wiped out Inferno and we’re free!” conclusion, now I rather think the “proper” conclusion is that just everyone gets wiped out in the end. While one can maybe justify being an assassin “or else” if you’re knocking off baddies, you can’t really justify it once you start knocking off women and children, glazed over eyes not withstanding. Maybe they could get around it if their brainwashing just makes it so that they just can’t help it, but that hasn’t been my impression to this point.

Of course, maybe being forced to go out and do things like this will finally be a catalyst for revolting against Inferno, but we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Episode 05

  1. Well, you could argue that if Zwei refused to fullfil his mission, he would have been targeted by Ein. But it seems that Zwei is slowly abandoning all traces of human emotions to simply become a doll of Inferno, as the imagery from the opening suggests.
    It is frustrating to see them treated as emotionless killing machines. I especially dislike when Scythe Master does perverted things to Ein. I hope that Zwei will follow Claudia’s advice and start questioning Inferno’s motives.

    • Well yeah, I’m sure Zwei would have been killed if he didn’t carry out his mission (and Ein probably would have carried it out in his place). My point is that, on some level, one would have to believe that one’s life isn’t as important as the ones they are assassinating.

      Of course, having said that, one doesn’t know how messed up they are from their brainwashing, etc.

  2. Completely disagree with your assessment that the 2 deaths at the end remove any sympathy for the characters. When it’s you or them, you’d be surprised what you would do. I thought it played out exactly as it should have.

    Of course the mother and child shouldn’t have died, but given Zwei’s circumstances, it made perfect sense.

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