Live Action Review – Star Trek

I kind of hate it that my first “real” post coming back from my hiatus is for a live action movie, but that’s how it is.  Now, on to the review…

startrekStar Trek is a sequel/prequel/reboot/whatever/all of the above of the Star Trek franchise which has been dead in the water since Star Trek: Nemesis flopped in 2002 and Enterprise ended prematurely in 2005.  This 4 year span was the longest stretch without any new Trek episodes or movies since the end of The Original Series in 1969 and Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979 (unless you count the animated series, which aired in 1973 and ’74).

J.J. Abrams decided to go back to Star Trek roots for this movie, ditching the tendency to extend Star Trek‘s legacy by extending the story further into the future (obviously Enterprise is a rather significant exception to that) and by exploring  the origins of the original Enterprise crew.  However, to do this he decided to do something that no one had done before, and which probably wouldn’t be possible for virtually any other franchise but Star Trek: make a movie which is simultaneously a sequel, prequel, and reboot all in one.

What results is an overall exciting and action packed movie which should satisfy a good number of original Star Trek fans, but is still palitable enough for those who may be new to the Star Trek universe.


Story: B/B-
Acting: B
Sound: A
Special Effects: A+
Music: C+

Overall: B

Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.  If you want the full review with spoilers…see below the fold.

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