Dragonball loses it's balls at the box office – opens Friday at $2.1 million

The question of whether the new Hannah Montana movie would do better than Dragonball: Evolution has been answered with a definitive yes.  In fact, it turned into a blowout.

Dragonball: Evolution opened Friday with a non-existant $2.1 million, opening in 8th place after one day, and averaging $951 per screen (though, it would open at #6 based on how much money was made per screen).  If you say that each screen had an average of 6 showings of the movie, that averages down to about $158.50 per showing, or about 16 people in the theater every time it ran.

Just from a brief review of early movies, there is little consistency on whether Friday is the best or worst (or middle) day for weekend box office numbers, but at this point Dragonball is probably going to be looking at between a $5 million  and $8 million opening weekend – obviously a bigger bomb than even I was imagining it to be.

On the otherhand, Hannah Montana looks to open at #1, racking up $17.4 million on Friday, and looks to garner between $45 and $60 million in a huge surprise this weekend.  (though I”m not sure what this says about society in general).

Update: Also for some perspective, Speed Racer opened on Friday at $6.2 million, leading into an opening weekend of $18.6 million and an overall domestic haul of $43.9 million.  Now consider that Dragonball is making about 1/3 Speed Racer did on opening Friday…


9 thoughts on “Dragonball loses it's balls at the box office – opens Friday at $2.1 million

  1. Speed Racer was actually an entertaining movie because it was tongue-in-cheek all the way through. Dragonball Evolution starts taking itself too serious starting about twenty minutes in and takes many more retarded liberties. I’m so happy to hear that it’s opened with such a terrible number and look forward to watching them crash and burn into oblivion. TAKE THAT, POTENTIAL SEQUEL.

  2. “Now consider that Dragonball is making about 1/3 Speed Racer did on opening Friday…”

    Because the Dragonball movie is roughly only 1/3rd as good as the Speed Racer movie. I see no inconsistencies.

  3. I actually enjoyed the speed racer movie…the producers for DB evolution should have known it was going to be crap all the way through, because they didn’t listen. And that’s why it failed.

    • I actually liked the Speed Racer movie too, though I understand why it bombed as well. But yeah, it’s very hard to say that a movie has no chance of being good, but we’ve heard nothing but bad things (from start to finish) for Dragonball.

      Maybe fans of the anime will kill me for this, but I think in the case like Dragonball, one should just forget trying to pander to the fans, because frankly they aren’t going to be enough to make a movie fly (unlike, say, Star Trek). Sure, they should still stick to the basic story line, but all this “OMGWTFBBQ IT HAS GOKU IN IT!” stuff and the like was dumb and counterproductive. Besides I actually think fans of the manga would probably like it better if it were a straight up adaptation that tried to be a real movie instead of a “appeal to everyone” mess that it is which, of course, appeals to no one in the end.

      • True, but in the end they didnt even do that, but ended up with a mess that was not appealing to outside fans who had never seen it, and unrecognizable to fans as well, because they hardly explained anything, in its own little world there.

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