Candy Boy – Episode 6

It’s Candy Boy episode 6, and it’s time for Kana to start seriously thinking about trying to get into an arts college.

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Kana finally turns in her reworked art project, but not before getting a gold scolding from the teacher. Later, Kana and Yuki look through the available rooms in the new dorm when Sakuya arrives with a grand plan: to make the top floor super-large room her “love nest” with Kana by pressuring Kana into stamping the already pre-filled application form. However, to Sakuya’s horror, Yuki and Kana have already submitted their own application form.

Meanwhile, Shizuku contacts Yuki asking if the pair will come back over spring break. However, Kana calls her back and says she can’t because she has to study for entrance exams over spring break. Yuki then tells Kana that she’d have a better chance of getting to an arts college if she attended a prep school first, but Kana doesn’t want to put any more financial strain on her family. As a result, Yuki suggests that she get a job to help Kana pay for attending prep school…

This episode seemed to be rather slow and uneventful compared to some past episodes, with the main Sakuya action being her master plan to room with Kana getting destroyed. However, I wonder how this prep school thing will turn out, as that’s a new wrinkle added in here at the last minute, and Kana didn’t necessarily seem to think favorably upon Yuki spending her time working to pay for Kana’s schooling.

If the original 7 episode announcement is correct, we have one episode left – probably getting released in the early summer.


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  1. Great review! I agree. This episode didn’t have as much charm as the others. Hopefully, episode 7 will make up for it. Thanks!

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